Empowering Arrays: Lucee 5.3.8.X Introduces New Functions, Bridging the Gap with JavaScript

It’s always fantastic news when the technology you’re immersed in continues to evolve. I’m truly grateful to the Lucee team for their steadfast commitment to advancing technology, enhancing compatibility not just with Adobe ColdFusion technology, but also with other widely used technologies like JavaScript, thus simplifying the lives of developers. Recently, as I was navigating through the Lucee documentation, I stumbled upon several additional functions that I had been hoping to see integrated into Lucee—and voila, there they were.

  • ArrayRemoveDuplicates
    • Introduce in Lucee 6.0.x
    • As the function name, it removes duplicate elements from the array, previously, I used to convert the array to a list and remove duplicate elements using listRemoveDuplicates function and then convert it back to an array.
  • ArrayShift
    • Introduce in Lucee
    • As the function name, it removed the first element and shifted the index of rest.
  • ArrayUnShift
    • Introduce in Lucee
    • This function adds the element at the very first index and shifts the index of the rest of the elements.
    • Previously, I used to with ArrayPrepend.
  • ArrayPush
    • Introduce in Lucee
    • This function made my life easier. Most of the time, I work on JavaScript, so I used to with push function, and I always mistakenly wrote the array.push when working on CFML development.
  • ArrayPop
    • Introduce in Lucee
  • ArraySlice
    • This function returns a new array from the start position to the count of the element.
  • ArraySplice
    • Introduced in Lucee
    • This function modifies an array by removing elements and adding new elements from the given index.
    • This function returns removed elements.

In conclusion, the ongoing advancements in technology, particularly those championed by the dedicated team at Lucee development, are cause for celebration. Their efforts not only improve compatibility with established platforms like Adobe ColdFusion but also streamline integration with other essential technologies like JavaScript. As I explored the Lucee documentation, I was delighted to discover several new functions that enhance its capabilities, a testament to its commitment to empowering developers and enhancing their efficiency.

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