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Adobe CFML

Adobe ColdFusion is the commercial ColdFusion Markup Language, more commonly known as CFML, is a scripting language for web development that runs on the JVM, the .NET framework, and Google App Engine. CFML like Lucee and Railo are open source.

ColdFusion was written in C and C++ until version 6.0 then the first Java-based version of ColdFusion was released in 2002. Before that Blue Dragon was the first Java implementation of the CFML language. Licensed BlueDragon around 2001 and made it available as a commercial product, eventually creating a .NET implementation of CFML. Open BlueDragon is a fork of the commercial BlueDragon product and was first released in 2008.

Why Adobe CFML?

  • Client and server cache management
  • Simplified database access
  • Client-side code generation, form widgets and validation
  • Conversion from HTML to PDF
  • Data retrieval from common enterprise systems
  • File indexing and searching service based on Apache Solr
  • GUI administration
  • Server clustering & Task scheduling
  • Adobe ColdFusion VersionThe latest version is Adobe ColdFusion (2016 release), Codenamed: Raijin (and known generically as ColdFusion 2016) was released on February 16, 2016.Few New features in all editions (Standard, Enterprise, and Developer) include:
  • Simplified file manipulation including raster graphics (and CAPTCHA) and zip archives (introduction of video manipulation is planned in a future release)
  • Simplified web service implementation
  • Language enhancements
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • PDF generation enhancements
  • Security enhancements
  • External session storage (Redis)
  • Swagger document generation
  • NTLM support
  • API ManagerColdFusion originated as proprietary technology based on Web technology industry standards. However, it is becoming a less closed technology through the availability of competing products.

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