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Migration to MEAN Stack

Modern technology evolving by the time goes pass on, technology what used to be before just few years back do not support to modern advancement of technology platform. To get the full support, advance features and modern technology advantage are the good reasons to migrate from old platform to latest technology platform such as MEAN Stack.

Migration Advantages

JavaScript is the proven technology to achieve development rapidly with less time and cost. MEAN is the full stack set of JavaScript where it makes is much easier to handle migration from old platform to new platform.


MEAN stack allows to work with multiple devices that is where any legacy system migrated once it become modernize to work with modern mobile technology.


JavaScript is become industry momentum used in most of the new development. Never looking an outdated portion of the technology unlike other technology platform

Migration to Application Modernizing

iSummation’s Application migration to help modernization solutions that identify areas to improve the business value, quantify the expected returns, and accelerate results. Expert professionals and focus exclusively on strategy, technology and implementation by using the right modernization tools to accelerate and automate the modernization process.


 Application Re-engineering

 Migration of legacy to new platforms

 Integration of new functionality for latest functions


Our best migration practices make it safe, secure and smooth to new platform by writing whole new set of codes as it required to achieve it like a new development.

Migration Practice

  • Existing business model analytics
  • Listing out the existing features & Use cases
  • Features need to be modified or added afresh
  • Analyze existing system architecture
  • Check Database Model & Migration
  • Change or new features feasibility check
  • Re-architecture as per migration objective
  • Full Development engagement
  • Conduct full Testing & Error Fixing
  • Support & maintenance services