Power Automate Development

Microsoft Flow transformed into its present form as MS Power Automate in November 2019. Power Automate, as the name suggests is meant for automation of routine recurring tasks. Power Automate is part of Microsoft’s Power platform and works with Power BI and Power Apps to ease business processes and operations and enable better, more informed decision making.

What can you potentially do with MS Power Automate?

  • Custom power automate workflow creation by the user himself
  • Automate routine, recurring and frequent tasks
  • Automate traditional (legacy) business processes
  • Formulate Power Apps logic
  • Automate tasks related to databases and cloud apps
  • Automate business workflows lying at the core of the business

What are the types of Power Automate Flows?

With Power Automate businesses can automate several kinds of business operation flows like:

  • Automated Flows
  • Button Flows
  • Scheduled Flows
  • Continuous flows
  • UI Flows
  • Approval Flows

With iSummation as your partner in automating power automate business process flow, businesses can automate end-to-end business processes and workflow thereby increasing efficiency and business revenue

What are some Power Automate Use Cases?

Power Automate can weave its automation magic for businesses in a wide range of industries. These include:

The Healthcare Industry

People remotely familiar with the healthcare industry are aware of its most time-consuming and repetitive task- paperwork. Paperwork surrounds almost every healthcare aspect right from registering patients through their admission or consultation to their exit or discharge. The disconnected systems in the healthcare industry can make the management and storage of healthcare documents a very messy affair. But thankfully things are changing fast. Innovations in computing technologies like cloud, IoT, Blockchain, AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have driven the industry to new levels of efficiency and excellence.

Of these, RPA deserves special mention for its significant role in the aftermath of the COVID-19 health crisis. It let time-consuming healthcare workflows to be automated and saved providers from the ardours of routine, time-consuming tasks. With Power Automate healthcare business can:

  • Atomate workflow steps to transfer different test results to the official Electronic Health Record system
  • Automate workflows regarding COVID-19 kit processing
  • Automating healthcare support processes
  • Automating the whole indoor patient treatment process paperwork wight from admission till discharge
  • Onboarding staff and automating shift rotations
  • Automate the workflow for document approval
  • Automating the process of setting policies and authorization of users
  • Automating the billing and claiming processes

The fact is that there are even more aspects of the healthcare industry that service providers can automate with power automate business process flow. Irrespective of the business process, iSummation Power Platform consultants can help you increase your organizational efficiency through customization of workflows and automation.

Construction Industry

RPA is particularly effective in the engineering and construction industry (AEC). Construction businesses are eager to implement processes that enhance operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks. Power Automate can potentially play a role in the whole construction process- from the initial planning to complete the building of final structures. It can automate mundane and monotonous AEC processes like:

  • Operative automated machinery remotely
  • Automate workflows into ERP systems
  • Automate the entire invoicing process
  • Make documentation management automated including the ability to fetch, scan and share specific files
  • Create automated cost-to-estimate reports in real-time
  • Use automated drones to survey working areas
  • Leverage the power of VR (Virtual Reality) for project planning and personnel training

iSummation has partnered with a number of AEC businesses and know how keen such businesses are in adopting automation of existing business processes. They experience has given us insights how Power Automate can significantly boost operational efficiency.

With the technology, the AEC workforce becomes more agile and productive. Power Automate has workforce automation capabilities as well. Construction field workspaces involves a continuous flow of many processes that call for document approvals and Power Automate helps to bridge the gap and make project management more effective.

What are the benefits of using Power Automate?

Through our interaction with many clients power automate business process flow is especially helpful in the following situations:

  • Improve existing business process with quantified business outcome benefits
  • Help make data-driven decisions
  • Help employees feel more satisfied and reduce errors
  • Realize greater use and value from existing MS apps used by the business
  • Enhance app security

Why Should Businesses Use Power Automate?

If you are looking for automation, data storage and reports features in a single software then Power Automate might be the best solution for you. Power Automate is well noted for being and user-friendly tool with which you can automate business processes. With the software businesses can easily create automated workflows that were originally a manual and complex process. Power Automate makes tasks which earlier took several months to complete be finished in a matter of hours.

A modern digital workplace is characterized by tools that support and strengthen individual capabilities. With its ability to make daily work more efficient Power Automate makes employees more productive and satisfied with their work activities. It is a way to create more value from reduced effort. By making your employees more productive and empowering them with such tools, ISummation is a critical power automate developer partner for you to grow your business.

Do you need Power Automate in your organization?

If you want to aggregate and display your business data through internal apps that are both user-friendly and powerful, then Power Automate is well suited for your needs. For more information on how Power Automate can automate business growth, get in touch with us today!

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