Java Development

Experts define Java to be a “general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented programming language.” Java is designed specifically to ensure low implementation dependencies and it functions as an application development platform. Java web development and application development is highly popular and the speed, security and reliability that comes with the technology makes it suitable for developing apps meant for a vast number of computing devices like data centers, laptops, scientific supercomputers, game consoles, call and mobile phones etc.

Java Expertise


Java’s rules and syntax are based on the C and C++ software programming languages. One great asset of the language is its great portability. Developers who have developed a desktop app can easily move the code to mobile and other devices. In fact, since its first days in 1991 Java was intended to let developers “”write once, run anywhere.”

Java EE

The EE (Enterprise Edition) suffix in Java EE (J2EE) refers to the enterprise version of the product. The present name of the technology is Jakarta EE which is a specification set that works as upgradation of Java SE (Standard Edition). Java EE lets developers create applications with enterprise-level features like web services and distributed computing. Java EE apps use reference run times to carry out its functions. Application servers and micro servers are just some of the examples of such reference run times.

Java EE is particularly suited in accounting, e-commerce, information systems and banking contexts.

Java software engineers at iSummation you will get developed fully functional Java and Java EE apps not to mention java web development and deploy them as per your need!

Unleash the power of Java

Like we mentioned earlier, developers use Java to create apps that run many platforms. Further all web browsers use Java making java web development such an attractive web app development platform. The devices that support Java apps include:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Mobile Devices
  • Tablets
  • Televisions
  • Blu-ray players

As per its support for WORA, the code you create with Java can be run on any platform with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) without the developer having to recompile the code!

The true power of Java really comes to the fore when we are talking about developing distributed apps. In such cases, the same app is distributed within a network’s servers and clients and users can execute them synchronously. That fact that developers can create Java applets that work at tandem with webpages is yet another feather on its cap.

Common Java Uses

  • Web and application servers
  • GUI applications
  • Web apps
  • Middleware apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Enterprise apps
  • Embedded systems

SaaS Product Development

Java is not without reason a popular platform for developing SaaS applications. Developers regard Java highly, it is flexible, enjoys wide support, is platform independent and provides a plethora of options in terms of developmental resources. Efficiency, modularity, and reliability are essential for SaaS apps. Java has all three characteristics and lets developers create sophisticated and elegant SaaS app solutions.

Over the period several JVM updates through the years, many earlier shortcomings of Java in SaaS development have been successfully overcome. Such issues include memory use and performance issues. In fact, some of the most notable SaaS apps have been developed using Java over other technologies by many leading firms. The java development services of iSummation are renowned and many enterprise-level clients trust us for their Java development needs.

Java Server Support and Maintenance

Updates are essential for all software programs. It might be as essential as keeping the program operational to adding functionality, making improvements, migrating to the cloud etc. Companies depend on software for many business aspects especially those with tech products. ISummation provides maintenance and support for Java applications keeping in mind the needs of business firms to ensure that its tech products are running smoothly without them needing to micro-manage things.

Java Servers

  • Servlets
  • JSP
  • JTA
  • WebSocket
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache TomEE
  • Apache Geornimo
  • Glassfish

Expertise in Java Frameworks


This is a backend framework with which Java developers can use the MVC framework to create web and Java applications. Many popular frontend frameworks like Angular, React, Vaadin amongst others are compatible with Spring.


The ORM or object-relational mapping tool Hibernate is meant to perform ORM functions for Java. With this ORM, developers can map an” object-oriented domain model to a relational database.” Hibernate functions smoothly even when there is object–relational impedance mismatch. It does so by using high-level object handling instead of direct persistent database access.

Apache Struts

If you are looking for an open-source web app framework for creating Java EE web apps then Apache Struts might be your best solution. The framework promotes developers taking a MVC (model–view–controller) architecture and uses and extends the Java Servlet API to help its MVC goals. Previously it was a part of Apache Jakarta Project before becoming a top-level Apache project as Jakarta Struts.


Using Google Web Toolkit whose popular acronym is GWT is a development toolkit that lets developers create RICH Internet Applications (RIA). Some exceptional features of the toolkit are as follows:

  • It makes development of Java client apps easy
  • GWT compiles Java code to JavaScript code
  • GWT apps are cross-browser compliant, and the tool automatically creates the JS code that suits individual browsers
  • It free, open-source and licensed under Apache License version 2.0.

If you are looking to build high-performance Java apps using one of the above-mentioned frameworks, then iSummation is the java software company of your choice!

Java development offering

  • SaaS Product Development
  • Custom ERP Development
  • Java Server Setup
  • Java Server Maintenance & Support
  • Migration to Java

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