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MEAN Stack for Web Apps

MEAN stack development team at iSummation is expertise in enterprise web application development with MEAN stack as an early adopted technology of choice, breaking traditional web technology barriers.

Just with JavaScript MEAN covers the full-scale web development process from client side to server side combining the powerful technologies MangoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS.

  • Helps to achieve well organized development environment
  • Eliminating unnecessary grunt work
  • Provide capability to test within native testing tools
  • Easing template creation with Dynamic Java Scripts
  • Open-source Full Stack Solution for web applications
  • Allow rapid app development process

Key Advantages for MEAN Stack Web App Development

MEAN became the technology of our expertise to deliver the solution for modern edge enterprises. Our MEAN development team believe in quick development process to build high-performance web applications, web services and enterprise mobility.

  • Rich dynamic feature to modernize web app
  • Support MVC architecture based development
  • Meets big data requirement with MongoDB
  • Best fit for cloud based solutions
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Prohibitive cost advantage for development
  • Feature enhancement become more feasible

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