Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence

Use of modern technologies in business is the necessity to overcome many business problems and its operation. iSummation work closely to identify the problems, make best effort to analyze to deliver best fit business intelligence solution, MEAN stack make it possible for many reason to meet any short of challenges to work with.

Core Advantage for BI and Reporting

  • JavaScript technology with high scalability and NoSQL data model
  • Mongo DB data model empowers BI and Data Analysis
  • Cloud based high flexibility for data management
  • Full responsive to view on mobile/tablets
  • Core Advantage for BI and Reporting
  • Rich report presentation layers
  • Data warehousing and ETL uses

There are three different product sub-categories for full-stack BI software

On-Premise:These are products that were usually designed originally as on premise solutions, although many now also offer cloud versions.

Open Source:Although these products are all derived from open source projects, many of them are commercial software based on that open source stack.

Cloud:These are products designed from the outset as cloud products, most of which offer true SaaS multi-tenant software rather than single-tenant cloud deployments on an individual customer basis. Based on enterprises requirement one of the above categorized full-stack BI solution model can be deployed.

Cloud full-stack BI solutions are best fit for: Enterprises from the Internet world and using other SaaS applications and likely to have less security concerns around storing their data in the cloud. Enterprises of all sizes that want an agile, easier to deploy, less IT-centric version of the full-stack products Small Business with less budget looking for a fully-featured system at far lower cost due to premise infrastructure.

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