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Take your applications to the Next Level with the limitless potential of MEAN Stack Development.!

In this ever-changing web era, the technology keeps on diversify with fast-paced, and web applications have become a ceaseless necessity for businesses to pick up the pace. We all know the worthiness of JavaScript in web business, MEAN Stack is a innovate technology of JavaScript, comprising of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS. MEAN Stack deals with both front-end as well as the back end, enriching your applications to dominate the web business with its advancements.

What is MEAN?

MEAN is an abbreviation stands for MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS. A division of programming language derived from JavaScript and well known for its client-Side Scripting language. MEAN Stack is used to build a diverse range of applications suitable for all kind for industries and compatible to run on the majority of Operating System. The only aim of providing MEAN Stack Development Service and MEAN Stack Outsourcing in web development is to develop secured, flexible, dynamic, versatile, scalable, and highly functional applications with user-friendly APIs.

Mean Stack Application Development - iSummation Technologies

Mongo: Schemaless technology enables you to store data in your way.

Flexible Data Structure
Minimal Complexities
Can be easily tuned
Easy Mapping of Applications
Quick access to data

Express: Turn your native application into a hybrid application with its advanced features.

Easy to use
Supports MVC architecture
Fast performance
Based on NodeJS
Develop high-performance single-page applications

Angular: It enables you to build an attractive user interface for your frontend with great ease.

Open Source
Two-way data binding
Good Performance
Component-based architecture to enhance the overall functionality of components
Reusable components

Node: An open-source platform used to develop highly functional real-time applications.

Single Programming Language
Easy caching of modules
Reusable code

MEAN Stack played significance importance in

Big Data
Content Management System (CMS)
Mobile and Social Infrastructure
User Data Management
Data Hub

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Why MEAN Stack?

It is an emerging technology and a worthy choice for your web applications to make it more advanced and constructive. Web applications built with the aid of MEAN Stack are reliable, modern, Cost-effective, Supports MVC architecture and cloud compatible and highly scalable.

Get mastery over frontend and backend development with MEAN Stack approach. Blend of Four technologies Mongo.DB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS to boost your development process from your server to user interface and it reforms your web applications without a doubt.

Advantage of MEAN Stack Development

Fulfill your client and server requirement with ease
Open source technology
Effortless handling of large volume data
Real-time modifications
Flaws can be identified easily
Compatible with MVC architecture
Quick deployment of applications
Reliable and scalable
Highly functional
Shift code within Mongo, Express, Angularjs, NodeJS or vice versa
Suitable for all sorts of industries

MEAN Stack Development Services

MEAN Stack Web Application Development | iSummation Technologies

MEAN Stack Web App

Software & SaaS Product Development | iSummation Technologies

MEAN Stack Web App

Business Intelligence Reporting | iSummation Technologies

Business Intelligence

ERP & Cloud Enablement | iSummation Technologies

ERP & Cloud Enablement

Mobile Solutions with MEAN stack Development | iSummation Technologies

Mobile Solutions

Migration to MEAN Stack | iSummation Technologies

Migration to MEAN Stack

What makes iSummation best for MEAN Stack development?

Being a Full Stack Development Company with a consistent practice of decades in the area of Web Development empowers us to diversify our expertise in all facets. We assure you to provide affordable MEAN Stack Development Services with excellent outcomes.

In-house MEAN Stack Developers
Thorough knowledge of web fundamentals
Rapid Application Development
Complete MEAN Stack Migration
Cost-effective MEAN Stack Outsourcing
Dynamic applications
Skilled Full Stack developers
In-depth knowledge of client-side scripts

Deploying MEAN Stack Technology in your infrastructure will upgrade the quality of your web applications, the potential of MEAN stack is beyond any doubt. So, without further due migrate your current technology to MEAN Stack with our MEAN Stack Migration Service.

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