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MEAN Stack for Software & SaaS

iSummation is an early adopter of MEAN stack technologies and gain expertise across the stack to develop robust, scalable and high performance solutions that deliver exceptional user experiences.

We simplify and accelerate product development initiatives to build high performance Software and SaaS products with MEAN stack, specializing to deliver cloud based solution.

Industry based SaaS development’s crucial part is database development and maintenance in a long run as user base grows and going on large scale there is a special need to deal with database model, this is the point where Mongo DB is proven to be more robust to work with for enterprise software and SaaS product.

Our development methodology is agile working with best-of-breed frameworks, platforms, tools, and accelerators to deliver solutions that are robust, scalable, extensible, and easy to maintain on a regular basis. Our MEAN stack team are highly experienced as full stack JavaScript developers and strive achieve the best solution as a service.

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