Cross-Platform App Development Services

Cross-Platform App Development Services

iSummation mobile app developers design and develop best-in-class cross-platform apps. We build innovative, scalable mobile apps for startups and enterprises across the globe.

Cross-Platform App Development Company

Companies all across the world are moving toward cross-platform app development because of the flexibility given by one-code-fits-all. It is the future of mobile app development since it is a feasible technology that reduces development time and costs while creating genuinely native apps.

There are so many different mobile devices and platforms on the market. iSummation is also a top cross-platform app development company that creates mobile apps for a variety of platforms and devices.

We use technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create remarkable mobile experiences at iSummation. We have the necessary know-how to provide outcomes, whether it’s developing HTML5 cross-platform mobile apps or using any other technology. We take the time to thoroughly understand your requirements and then use an agile development approach to produce apps that are tailored to your company’s, industry, and consumers’ demands. We also provide tried-and-true engagement models that are adaptable.

Custom Cross-Platform App Development

iSummation has wide experience in hybrid app development. We believe in supporting startups and big companies with mobile solutions that run on several platforms and have a close-to-native look and feel.

Cross-Platform App Consulting

Our mobile app development team offer strategy and consulting services for development projects to help companies meet their goals, manage risks and deliver a single mobile app for all type of smartphone platforms.

On-Demand Cross-Platform App Developers

We have proficient developers in our team who are always here for you in team expansion. With the use of trendy mobile app development technologies and tools, our developers build hybrid apps as powerful as native mobile solutions.

iSummation's Cross-Platform App Development Process

Cross-platform app development enables you to build an application that can be run on various platforms. This allows developers to code once and then deploy it on various platforms.

Let’s look at the steps involved in cross-platform mobile development.

Analysis and Planning

  • Conception of idea
  • Cost-quality research
  • Potential development challenges identification
  • Creation of project roadmap
  • Define the scope of work

Wireframing & Designing

  • Market research & comparison
  • Client consulting
  • Unique and intuitive app designs


  • Programming to infuse life to the app
  • Design screens and coding
  • Perpetual consultation with the client


  • Intensive testing
  • Deploy the foolproof app
  • Usability testing
  • Manual testing

Leverage the Power of Mobility

With the existence of multiple mobile devices and multiple smartphone platforms, our cross-platform app development company gained expertise in providing cross-platform application development services for both Android and iOS devices at the price of one codebase and using the same IDE language and APIs. iSummation mobile app developers provide various multiplatform app development services listed below:

AR & VR Apps

We leverage immersive technologies (AR/VR) to present content in an engaging way, design novel hardware supporting extended reality, and provide VR and AR development services to consumer electronics brands looking to fine-tune distributed systems’ performance. Our cross-functional team stand out in

  • Complex data visualization apps through virtual reality.
  • Geo-based AR development for apps
  • High-quality, photo-realistic renders, and apps.
Custom Multiplatform Apps Development

iSummation has a deep understanding of cross-platform advanced application frameworks that helps you build highly reliable and secure cross-platform apps that work across all popular mobile operating systems.

  • Cross-platform app development
  • Cross-platform app re-engineering
  • Application maintenance
Wearable Cross-Platforms Apps

We have extensive expertise in wearable cross-platform app development services and we support them with remote data monitoring, local monitoring, and advanced cloud-based capabilities to provide an enhanced user experience.

  • Fitness and health monitoring apps
  • IoT based wearable apps
  • Google glass, Android wear & iWatch apps
AI-Integrated Mobile Apps

To improve the features and user experience of our cross-functional apps, our developers incorporate the latest artificial intelligence technologies to build flawless apps for our clients. Our AI-based multiplatform apps provide outstanding and personalized customer experiences.

  • Online service/product comparison apps
  • Finance report & stock market apps
  • Personal finance management apps

Why Go Cross-Platform

Here are some of the advantages of developing cross-platform mobile apps


No need to coordinate separate teams building, testing, and maintaining apps for each platform. It is easier to construct cross-platform apps with just one line of code.


Having a single, highly reusable codebase translates into direct cost savings. Cross-platform apps save time, the total cost of ownership is reduced.


Your app may be synced quickly across all platforms and devices, making your life easier. Cross-platform app development helps developers to roll out new applications simultaneously.

Best Frameworks for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development


Xamarin is a popular open-source framework for creating hybrid mobile apps that are free to use. Xamarin-based solutions are cross-platform interoperable and deliver the same performance and user experience as native solutions.

React Native

One of the most popular cross-platform mobile development frameworks is React Native. It’s built with React, a best-in-class JavaScript toolkit for developing user interfaces, and it’s optimized for mobile devices.


Ionic is one of the greatest hybrid app frameworks since it has all of the desirable qualities: it’s open-source, simple to maintain, scalable, and easy to read. Ionic is a library of HTML, CSS, and JS components for mobile development that aids in the creation of interactive apps.


Flutter is also an open-source cross-platform mobile app development framework created by Google. It is an object-oriented language and contributes to Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, and the web app platforms development from a single codebase.

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