Mobile Application Development

Business owners, entrepreneurs and organizations are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a firm for mobile application development. There are plenty out there offering mobile development but there is a similarly deep specialization according to the industry of the app. So, selecting a suitable best development company is a bit challenging decision. Just need to follow a suitable strategy to guide your decision that can realize your core objectives and expectations for mobile app solutions.

Our consideration for mobile application development:

Solid expertise and considerable experience

The very first thing you need to know before choosing a developer for your mobile app is the credentials of the firm. Try to first create a list of companies that you might want to hire after suitable consideration of how they align with your needs on relevant parameters.  The best source to assemble such information is online reviews and ratings. The more experience and expertise of an app developer, the easier the exercise becomes. Ensure that you check out their portfolio apps yourself. There is no substitute to extensive research on such matters and employing relevant and effective evaluation techniques.

Client-Centric High Mutual Approach:

The passion and timely delivery schedules of app development firms make it essential for you to evaluate the firm’s focus on client’s needs. Make it a point to ensure that the developer provides great support for their app development services. The best app development firms are all too aware the importance of superlative support services. It is through their client centric approach that the best developers achieve a reputation for their excellence in service.

Quality App Development yet cost-effective:

All types of organizations developing apps have some objectives that will be served through successful mobile application development. They expect value from the investment. But business owners must keep in mind that they need to keep an effective balance when it comes to app development cost and the quality of the app. In short, the app solution needs to be cost effective. If you sacrifice quality, it is very unlikely that paid apps will be a success commercially.

Users know that they are paying for using the app and if they are expected to pay, then it is quite likely that users are willing to invest a slightly greater sum to have their needs met. It would help if the app developer already had previous experience in relevant target markets and app categories.

Most international App developers charge more than players operating in a regional or local target market. Apps have assumed critical importance for businesses for gaining access to markets and getting the traction they need. In this, choosing a suitable developer is key.

Delivering Innovative Performance Pack Mobile Apps

Like all things in the business world, ROI or Return on Investment is of paramount importance. To get the optimum ROI from your app, you need a proficient developer with a track record of providing innovative apps. Apps that use out-of-the-box thinking are usually the ones that offer the most feature rich app solutions. Besides the innovation, you ideally also want apps that offer unique features. Accordingly, you need to choose developers that have proven app development projects using unique app ideas and transforming them into real world apps with the best-in-class user experience.

Delivery within Time and Cost estimation

The last critically important factor in choosing suitable developers is the turn-around time for the entire project from the initial conception stage to final delivery. You ideally want a dedicated developer team that works to create apps with brisk pace and deliver solutions with fast turnaround times. The faster the development the higher the ROI and the greater the business impact.

Native Mobile Apps Development

There is nothing probably better than sticking to one only technology ecosystem called as “Native” development and use for super rich user experience and performance.

Advantages of Native Mobile Apps:

Native app development or developing apps on platforms specifically and exclusively meant for them comes with a range of both advantages as well as disadvantages.


Native mobile app using a single tech platform that is highly compatible to perform much higher and flawlessly in comparison to using any cross-platform mobile app, its biggest advantage by default.


When it comes to app security, native apps are better placed at providing a secure app user experience. Using platform native development languages meant specifically for the platform, they keep potential security violations to a minimum. The app OS itself comes with several layers of security intended to discourage and diminish misuse.

Awesome user experience:

The hardware integration features of native apps work better as they have greater and easier access to hardware features like microphones, GPS and cameras. It all serves to elevate the overall UX. Not only that, but native apps can also maintain aspect rations across devices better resulting in consistent UI. Native apps have standardized UI elements making it easy to follow best practices and a general set of standards for such an UI.

Simmer Presentation:

The last thing to note about native mobile application development vis-a-vis hybrid apps lies in how it makes presentation/UX/UI logic simpler. Being platform specific makes it easier for developers to do away with presentation logic according to the OS platform. It all makes app code easy to maintain and manage.

Why to consider native app development?

You should choose to develop native apps under the following situations:

  • Relatively broad functionality
  • Greater compatibility with hardware tools
  • Better for store specific features and easy publishing and ranking features
  • Greater scalability
  • Better performance
  • Better app stability
  • Fewer third-party library restrictions
  • Familiar UI/UX
  • Better security
  • Availability of offline modes
  • Faster updates and easy implementation of complex features like AI
  • Tech stack remains more relevant for a greater time

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Hybrid mobile app is the better alternative based on use case and goal of app in mostly in the following situation.

  • More cost-effective solution and if you want to use Agile developmental methodology and UX
  • Avoid Apple App Store limitations if you haven’t modified native code
  • Better access to essential resources as common web development technologies can also be used to develop hybrid mobile apps
  • Reuse web app code component
  • Cut down on development costs and time

When to consider hybrid app development

You should consider developing hybrid apps in the following use cases:

  • More affordable solution that uses a single team
  • Faster turnaround times through reuse of app code
  • Larger target audience
  • Need to sync updates on all platforms and devices
  • Easy maintenance and app support
  • Consistent UI/UX across platforms

Top Mobile App Categories

Over the past decade mobile app development defined its own precise use case that created a bunch of standard categories, Category include popular and default features, we are mainly expertise into following categories.

Event Ticketing
Retail POS
On Demand
Social Media

Common Performance Metrix:

High Performance
Scalable and Reliable
Highly Secured
Quick Loading

Offline Functionality
Easy to Personalize
In-built Analytics

Industry Best Development:

iSummation adopts a comprehensive mobile app development strategy that includes the following development phases:

  • Analysis
  • Design / Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • Development
  • Testing
  • App Publishing
  • Deployment
  • Monetization
  • Security and Monitoring
  • Technical Support
  • Feature Enhancement

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