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Android was always the most popular app OS platform with its market share set to increase to 87.4% by 2023. What that means is that Android apps for your phone and Tablet App development will reach a greater number of users. Further by 2023 global app revenue is slated to touch $936B from 2019 figures of $462B. Though the figures don’t fail to impress but the intense competition and sometimes prohibitive costs lead to only one in ten thousand apps enjoying success.

You need to ensure that you hire the best android app development company to create suitable apps that generate tons of revenue and help your business stand out in the crowd.

Top reasons to choose us:

Experience and Expertise:

Experience is necessary for almost all developmental projects and more so if you are trying to create an android app. You need apps that cater to business markets effectively, which in turn comes only with suitable expertise and knowledge from the android app development company of choice. Obviously, not all apps are created equal and one of the key things that determine its success is how you spell out your needs and requirements. For example, you need clarity in relevant aspects of your app like:

  • The objectives and goals that the app is supposed to serve
  • How the app will function to serve those needs
  • What are the needs, desires and tastes of its intended audience

If you have figured out the above three aspects of your app, then the whole task becomes significantly easier.

Check our great app development portfolio:

Personal experience in using actual apps created by a developer are the best way to assess their approach and reliability. Their portfolio will give you a reliable glimpse on the types of development projects they have been associated with. Not only the type, using apps will also let you know the quality of work that the developer delivers. Some essential aspects of their work you need to consider are:

  • Design quality and effectiveness
  • Success in meeting business objectives
  • Work history
  • Timely delivery

These things are critical to ensure suitability of the developer for a particular app development project. Developing an Android app needs a lot of hard work and attention and diligence. Accordingly, you need to assess the overall client experience you will get relevant service reviews, ratings and client feedback.

Provide affordable development services:

As an entrepreneur you obviously want the best possible app that a developer can create. But business firms are often cutting corners while creating apps and that may affect its quality. This serves to reduce both the performance and the user experience. Businesses need a good balance between costs and quality while developing their app solutions, and its important to stress on the keyword “balance” once again. What makes iSummation the best android app development company is that it seeks to provide- the right balance between user experience, feature set and affordable developmental costs.

Ensure clarity in conveying project requirements:

Both you as the client as well as your developer need to be clear about the requirements about an app development project. It is the first step that will determine critical aspects of the in-development app like design preferences and the user experience it offers. The developer needs a harmonious blend of coding skills, design ability and communication to ensure the best possible app for you- one free from errors and one that is responsive and user friendly. Better apps make you feel more confident about your business and ensure that they do indeed meet the objectives you clearly conveyed.

Technical expertise:

As a client, when you are using the Android platform it means that the open-source nature of the project will let you design and develop an app that meets your business needs better. Android is based on Java so expertise in the same is essential for android app development services. There are additional technical aspects of development that they need to be suitably skilled at. We will get to the essential skill list in a bit but suffice to say that there is one and that you need to consider the same.

Swift and effective communication:

Communication is essential for app development exercises. Effective written and oral communication skills help us convey complex ideas and thoughts as we perceive them. It is what will let the developer understand project needs and reciprocate accordingly. Communication is especially important if the developer lives in a non-native country.

Top Reasons for Android App Development

There are many scenarios in which android app development is particularly well suited. These include:

  • Ability to create custom user interfaces
  • A license-free development platform while letting you retain your product rights
  • Deep target market penetration
  • Secure yet open platform
  • Works on a variety of mobile devices
  • Let’s you create apps at menial costs

When you hire Android App Developers you need to ensure that they have suitable command over the following Android Technical Skills:



Realm and SQLite database technologies

Android SDK


You will also need mastery over the following programming tools:

Android Studio

Test Driven Development

Unit Testing

Popular Android App Features

Some popular features of apps developed by us through the years include

  • Updated Android 13 permissions for opt-in for notifications, location, and media
  • App level language settings
  • Full support for third-party Material Your icons
  • Easy use of a higher number of Material Your palettes
  • Easy text and image copying features
  • App level image sharing settings
  • Seven-day privacy dashboard
  • Revamped media player

Performance Benchmark of Android Apps:

You want to monitor the following metrics for your Android app:

UI screen transition speeds
Network performance
App launch time
CPU use
Battery use
Memory use
Logic execution speed

While there are other performance parameters, the above are the most critical. Poor app performance can totally mar the UX negatively and can make little of your investment thereby wasting both your time and money.

iSummation makes it easier for business to create best-of-class android apps at the prohibitive costs, get in touch with us today!

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