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AngularJS is a structural JavaScript framework for dynamic web apps, it is a binary written in JavaScript. Angular JS extends HTML attributes with Directives, and binds data to HTML with Expressions. It uses HTML as the template language and lets us extend HTML’s Syntax to express application’s components clearly and succinctly. Data biding and dependency injection of Angular JS cut down on much of the code to write. It all within browsers, making it ideal to work with any server technology.

The open-source AngularJS development framework as a solution for front-end web apps is gaining popularity. It is the most popular JS web programming framework. A part of such popularity comes from the ability to extend the functions of mainstay web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JS. Its features make it a highly attractive client-side technology to develop web and mobile apps.

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Lastly, developers can change or replace Angular JS features which is extremely useful while developing specific apps.

AngularJS for general development:

  • Angular JS allow us to extend HTML vocabulary for applications. It stands out as an environment because of its exceptional express-ability, readability, and swift development times.
  • Angular JS is fully extensible and works well with other libraries. Almost each feature can be modified or replaced to suit unique development workflow and requirement.
  • Angular JS built in MVC framework empowers development process for dynamic MVC web applications,

AngularJS Features

Cross Platforms

Web App
App like experience while using modern web platform capabilities

Native Mobile Apps with strategies from lonic framework, Native Script and React Native.

Desktop installed apps across MAC, Window, Linux using the same Angular web methods.

Speed and Performance

Apps first view on node.js, .NET, PHP and other servers for near-instant rendering in just HTML and CSS. Creating SEO path for website.

Turns code into JavaScript virtual machine, High productivity benefit with hand written framework

Code Splitting
Quick App load delivers automatic-code splitting so users only load code require to render the view.


Quickly creates UI views with simple and powerful syntax

Command Line
Command Line Tools start building fast, add components and tests, then instant deploy

Code Splitting
Quick App load delivers automatic-code splitting so users only load code require to render the view.

AngularJS Use

A JavaScript framework designed to create dynamic web apps, mobile app, rich websites. Angular JS is a complete solution for developing a front end based application without dependency on any other framework.

Dynamic Web App

Angular JS supports MVC – Model, View, Controller architecture where Angular JS manages all the rest once the app split into MVC Components. A best suitable to create dynamic web apps and single page app. Even there are multiple

Mobile App

Mobile Angular UI provides essential mobile components, no jQuery dependencies just a few angular.js directives super easy to put things together for mobile apps.


Angular is great to develop PWA app that gives super rich native like app feel for iOS and Android mobile app.

AngularJS web Development consideration:

To developer an app with MVC Architecture

MVC or for Model View Architecture is a software development paradigm. The model layer handles the application data, and the view layer is responsible to visually present it before users. The controller serves to co-ordinate the two views. Angular JS lets developers split the MVC and AngularJS performs the rest of the task. It speeds up coding time significantly.

Writing a unit-test quality code

AngularJS uses a unit testing method to help the creation of high-quality apps. In this model, the app code is divided into smallest possible testing units. It helps line-to-line debugging. Further, the tech also features mock units that developers can inject and carry out their tests.

When require efficient data binding

AngularJS sports both-way data binding. Or in other words the architecture’s view layer duplicates the model layer. AngularJS keeps model and view layers updated in almost real-time unlike most of its competitors.

Need to write a minimal amount of code

From not having to connect the MVC layers, no separate coding is necessary for manual views to app-independent directives. AngularJS is one of the most time-saving development tools out there, naturally making it highly cost effective.

Google is its developer

Google is the developer of AngularJS. That means there will be expert Google engineers ready to provide support. The community surrounding the framework is similarly large and the members are extremely helpful.

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