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At iSummation, People love our open-door transparent, motivating and encouraging work culture. Here is what each team player says about work culture and how they feel being a part of the team to continue their career at iSummation.

I started my software development career as the first company at iSummation, now it’s more than 11 years of great relationship beyond just an employee. I love working just like working for my own company.

When I joined as a trainee, I always had a great support and motivation for learning and growth that ultimately helped me to build a rewarding career with highest level of job satisfaction. I would not have found better IT company than iSummation for my successful career like this, Simply Awesome.

Sr. Software Engineer

At iSummation all my colleagues are very supportive, cooperative, encouraging like a family member since I have joined about 3 years before. Although I changed 3 companies throughout my career, but I didn’t get much inspiring, motivating and satisfied work culture like I enjoy working at iSummation. Better opportunities for learning & development to enhance my knowledge and technical skills. I found the best place to work, and I assure you that you will have great career at iSummation.

Sr. Android Developer

A big leap in my career since I joined as an intern software developer sixteen years before. Highly inspired work culture allowed to gain hardcore technical skills to perform development job at the best. Year on year I have achieved next level of career milestones with a great work life balance. Now I am at technical leadership role for our valuable clients and colleagues. By far enjoying like a dream career with iSummation, Always the great place to work!

Sr. Technical Manager

I enjoy working in very positive, supportive, and flexible work culture at iSummation. Internal team collaboration is highly transparent and friendly that help me to deliver best out of my capabilities as a Sr. Software Engineer. Best work Flexibilities further helping to maintain great work-life balance. I highly recommend iSummation as the best company to work!

Sr. Software Engineer

It is a nice fully remote working experience as Sr. UI/UX Designer at iSummation, I am satisfied with open, transparent, and honest collaboration from peers to deliver my best for every project that I take on with flexibilities, highly encouraging. So far, I grew as an individual to be more matured and able to see a bright future for myself in the company, just wonderful.

Sr. UI/UX Designer

Every company may have a great tech stack and skilled employees but very few of them can give you an enjoyable working environment. I’m a full-time remote worker, yet the open and friendly iSummation team never made me feel left out. It has been a pleasant working experience at iSummation with all the helpful seniors and colleagues.

ReactJS Developer

iSummation is the great company to work for learning and improving technical programming skill if someone looking to kick-start career in software development.
It’s been 3 years for me now and enjoying friendly and transparent work culture that make freshers feel comfortable and allowing to deliver their best. Seniors are supportive, motivating and encouraging. Weekly open conference fun allows to understand each team member very well that I love the most about!

Sr. Software Engineer

It was hard to find first job when I completed my engineering study, but I’m very grateful to iSummation Technologies for giving me such a great opportunity to lean and enhance technical skills. It has been more than 3 years working at iSummation where work culture is felt like working with family members. I recommend iSummation to young aspirants who are looking to initiate their career and want to make their future bright.

Jr. Software Engineer

I am working with iSummation Since 2020 and getting enough opportunities to explore great career path and growing myself each day. Gradually progression motivating me to work even better to deliver my best as an Sr. iOS Developer. Colleagues are highly supportive and friendly. HR policies and management team are totally transparent also organisation comes with good working hours and Fun-Friday activities. iSummation provides best work culture, Friendly work environment, professional as well as personal growth, grooming & development. I will always recommend someone to join iSummation.

Sr. iOS Developer

I have joined a year back as Angular developer to work remotely, it was a nice experience from the start till now in all aspects of my learning process and I had a great support from the team whenever it is needed. Management is good, people are nice and most importantly they will understand you. I am happy working with iSummation and being a part of it. It’s place where you can have both personal life and career growth.

Angular-ReactJS Developer

A phenomenal career journey with iSummation, it’s been more than a decade of my career now proudly at technical leadership role. I always had a great exposure for learning and development. If you love to challenge your technical skills and upgrading to next level in software engineering, then iSummation could be the right IT Company for you!

Sr. Technical Leader

I have been working at iSummation for 14 years now and I am loving my career. I am fond of to solve challenging technical problems not only for my technical workflow but also to help and mentor my fellow colleagues as the Sr. Technical Lead. iSummation is the great place to work for learning, development, and career growth!

Sr. Technical Leader

I greatly enjoy working in highly supportive, motivating, and transparent work culture as “Sr. Android Developer” at iSummation, I am feeling growing professionally and personally with great job satisfaction. So far great work liabilities allowing me to deliver my best while maintaining good work-life balance always, I thank you all for great career opportunity.

Sr. Android Developer

I strived for good vibes and positivity at the workplace along with people and work culture that I discovered at iSummation, then I took the opportunity to join as a Software Tester. iSummation has given me ample opportunities to work with some of the great minds that is really helping me to grow as a professional and as an individual, I am on the right career path at iSummation.

Software Tester

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