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MongoDB is the leading NoSQL open-source document database which is written in C++. MongoDB offers easy scalability, high performance, high availability that primarily works on concept of collection and document, it is cross-platform. It is the database for modern enterprise application helps maximizing competitive advantage, leverage data and technology and help to reduce risk for mission-critical deployments. With it you can reduce operation time and increase value with highly cost-effective ownership. MongoDB is for building applications that were never possible with traditional relational databases.

Common Mongo DB Usage

  • Big Data
  • App Data
  • Content Management and Delivery
  • Mobile and Social Infrastructure
  • User Data Management
  • Data Hub

Key Advantages

It is just unmatched what best can be achieved with MongoDB

Database Model:

MongoDB’s document data model makes it easy to store and combine data for any structure while supporting validation rules, data access and indexing functionality. Mongo DB can dynamically change the schema without downtime.

Rapid Iterative development

Flexible document data model coupled with dynamic schema and idiomatic drivers helps developers to build and evolve applications fast. Highly scalable flexibility allows to you to easily change scope with changing business requirement.


MongoDB document data model enables greater flexibility to store and combine data of any structure, without giving up sophisticated validation rules, data access and rich indexing functionality. It is easy to change the schema without downtime, less time to store data to database and more time putting data to work.

Rich Features

Graph processing, geospatial, analytics and data visualization, text search, in-memory performance and global replication allows to deliver a wide variety of real-time applications on one technology, reliably and securely. In contrast, RDBMS systems require other, complex technologies demanding separate integration and overhead expense to do this.

High Scalability

MongoDB can be scaled within and across geographically distributed data centers and boats of new levels of availability and scalability. Deployments will grow in terms of data volume and throughput, with the passage of time. MongoDB scales without downtime in such circumstances. You don’t even need to change applications As recovery goals evolve, MongoDB lets you adapt flexibly, across data centers, with tunable consistency.

When Should You Use MongoDB?

Many businesses have adopted MongoDB as it addresses common and long-standing issues in database management and software development. Some situations where using mongo dB services is an excellent idea include:

Integrating huge quantities of diverse data

MongoDB’s document model can create a unified view even if you are bringing hundreds of data sources due to its power and flexibility. It is refreshingly easy to list mongo dB databases. There have been many instances like this where other databases have simple failed to deal with such data and MongoDB has brought the project to life!

Describing evolving and complex data structures

MongoDB document databases let you embed documents helping you describe nested structures. They can tolerate discrepancies in data in generations of documents. Further, MongoDB effectively supports special data formats like geo-spatial amongst others. All these factors contribute to a resilient repository that needs minimal redesigns and is hard to break.

Delivering data in high-performance apps

The database’s scale-out architecture lets MongoDB to support enormous transaction numbers on similarly massive databases. Most other databases simply don’t support such a massive scale or operations or need great engineering efforts and addition of extra components. Scalability is built-in to the very design of MongoDB, and it is scalable right out of the box!

You need support for hybrid and multi-cloud apps

The best mongo dB hosting services let you manage, deploy and run MongoDB.  From desktops to data center server clusters to a public could, you can use MongoDB anywhere. With MongoDB you are free to use it as installed software or as the database-as-a-service MongoDB Atlas product. This means that businesses that need to run applications on all relevant platforms will find MongoDB indispensable.

You need agile development and collaboration support

With a document database it is the developer who oversees the data. Developers can use databases like code with MongoDB, this is vastly different from other database systems that need specialists for operations. Further, the data structure can evolve thanks to document databases. Through the governance and collaboration features of MongoDB you can assign one team control over one part of a document and another team control over another part

iSummation carries out and manages migration from SQL to NoSQL with redesign schemas or creating one from scratch. We also provide the best mongo dB hosting that makes up for missing RDBMS features while migrating to NoSQL!

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