.NET Core App Development

.NET Core has several characteristics that make it one of the best software frameworks for development. Common APIs, mature yet advanced and exhaustive class libraries, programming tools and multi-language support are some of the characteristics that make it so widely popular. The fact that Visual Studio Core and Visual Studio 2019 are the most advanced developer IDEs also contributes to .NET Core’s popularity.

About .NET Core:

.NET Core is a general-purpose software framework used to create apps for a wide variety of platforms including Windows, MacOS and Linux. .NET core stands out by the versatility of its use and the framework can be used to develop:

  • Mobile, web, desktop and IoT apps
  • Microservices
  • Cloud services
  • APIs
  • And even games.

Developers can use the .NET Core framework with almost all of the popular programming languages including open-source ones maintained by independent communities like:

  • NET
  • C#
  • XAML
  • F#
  • And TypeScript

Key Features of .NET Core:

Open-source Framework:

The .NET Core framework is managed by the Apache 2 and MIT licenses and developers can download it from GitHub.

Cross-platform solution:

Developers can use .NET Core on all the major OS platforms including macOS, Windows and Linux. When the runtime environment of each OS executes the code, the output generated stays the same.

Consistent Across Architectures- When you use .NET Core your code will behave the same irrespective the instruction set architecture like x86, x64 and ARM.

Multiple App Development:

Developers can create and run almost all types of apps including web, desktop, IoT, cloud, microservices, games and even machine learning apps with the .NET Core framework.

Supports Multiple Programming Languages:

Developers can create .NET Core apps using many different programming languages including F#, C# and Visual Basic. Further, you are free to use the IDE of your choice like Vim, Sublime Text and others and you are not confined to using Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.

Modular Architecture:

The use of NuGet packages by .NET Core lets the framework support modularly structured software solutions. Developers can simply add suitable NuGet packages to add specific features. You can even get the entire .NET Core library as a NuGet package. Such a modular approach minimizes memory footprint, is easy to maintain and results in better performance.

Inbuilt CLI Tools:

.NET Core comes bundled with a variety of CLI (Command-line interface) tools that make development and continuous integration relatively simple and easy.

Flexible Deployment:

The deployment of .NET Core apps can be both system-wide and user-wide. You can also deploy these apps with Docker Containers.

Compatibility- The .NET Core framework is compatible with Mono APIs and .NET by using the .NET Standard specification.

Razor Pages- The simple web programming model Razor Pages uses file-based direction. It is simpler, less complicated and helps to make web apps more organized. That in turn ensures effective deployment and better performance.

Consideration for .NET Core Development:

.NET Core is the most suitable choice for developers when:

Running App on multiple platforms

Developers prefer using .NET Core when they need to develop applications that will be running on several platforms like macOS, Windows and Linux. You can also use these platforms as the development workstation OS. Microsoft is continuously adding to the list of platforms compatible with .NET Core apps.

When using microservices

In the service-oriented architecture, microservices are instances where the apps are divided into small and modular services. Such services allow the flexibility of being created with different programming apps, they can be deployed independently, and each service is able to run a unique process. .NET Core is light and scalable for each microservice.

When require using docker containers

Usually, microservices are paired with containers. .NET works exceptionally well with containers due to its light and modular nature. It lets you deploy cross-platform server-side applications to Docker containers.

High-performance and scalable solution

If you have many microservices running, then performance and scalability assume critical importance which the .NET Core framework provides. It leads not only to cost savings but also accounts for an enhanced user experience.

CLI level control as require

There are plenty of developers who like to use light editors and have CLI control. .NET Core is equipped with a dedicated CLI for each of the supported platforms and installation demands on production machines too are minimal. If they wish they are free to switch to an IDE too.

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