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Big data term is in use since over 25 years, Big data terms commonly refers to data sets with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to capture, curate, manage and process data within a tolerable elapsed time. It is a constant moving target ranging from few terabytes to many petabytes of data. Big data technology and techniques in place to reveal insights from datasets those are diverse, complex and of a massive scale.

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There are primarily two class of technology one is operational and other is analytical. A system handles operational capabilities for real-time, interactive workloads where data is primarily captured and stored and system that provide analytical capabilities for complex retrospective analysis that may touch most or all the data. Both these technology classes are deployed together.


There are many technologies to deal with big data among those Hadoop and Mongo DB are mature enough and proven technology. There are a few clear objectives to select an appropriate big data technology.

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Big data technologies to support search, development, governance and analytics services for variety of all data types those are from transaction and application data to machine and sensor data to social, image and geospatial data, and more.

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Coldfusion CFQUERY serializeJSON with key and value

Admin User | Jan, 28 2019

Development techniques are varied depend on developer, somewhat many techniques remains undocumented until developer shares it. Let us share something about CFQUERY in Lucee CFML. Modern web apps are moving on Ajax based development includes AngularJS, ReactJS, VeuJS and a few more.   API solution primarily requires JSON based response (It is not about XML), JSON based response to convert CFQUERY object into JSON object. While converting into JSON using SerializeJSON() function,

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jQuery New Event! Focusin and Focusout

Admin User | Jan, 02 2019

To delegate the "focus" and "blur" events you must use these new events, called "focusin" and "focusout". You can also use old events for handling focusing events in jQuery 14.

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Deploying Lucee on Docker

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

Finally, decided to play with Docker and Lucee for one of our project which we are trying to move eventually in Linux platform and believe me it was fun. Here are steps to getting started with Lucee, Docker and Window 10.  Download dockers windows version from and install it by following the user-friendly wizard. Once installed you should see Docker icon loaded with containers

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Testing frameworks - cfunit, cfcunit and mxunit

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

Hi folks, There are lots of testing frameworks available for Test-driven development (TDD). Most of them are of xUnit family. Recently I had gone through three most popular testing frameworks for ColdFusion. CFUnit CFCUnit MXUnit After using all three, I decided to post a comparison of them. Information may be inaccurate, Corrections are always acceptable.

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Writing Test Cases using TestBox for ColdFusion Application

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

There are multiple testing techniques we use for software code testing, most common are Unit Testing, Model Testing, Functional Testing, Handler Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing etc. Usually full testing to follow by writing specific test cases as depend on testing technique and tools that you use.   Testing for Coldfusion software application can be done through "TestBox" - A testing framework for ColdFusion (CFML) that provide a clean syntax to write test cases

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