Azure Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure, popularly called simply as Azure is a major cloud computing service. Microsoft lets businesses and application management developers perform their functions backed by the solid power of Microsoft managed data centers. You obviously get iaas services in azure through the azure cloud infrastructure. Other than Infrastructure as a Service, Azure cloud also offers platform as a service and software as a service. The large number of programming and other tools and languages and frameworks it supports makes it a leading player in the cloud-computing field. Azure cloud infrastructure lets you use not only Microsoft software but also a wide variety of systems and software products and tools.

Our expertise using Azure Cloud

Local Support

iSummation will be your point of contact for both billing and technical aspects of your Azure use. With our expert pool of cloud engineers, your technical issues receive the priority and responses they need for an early solution to your cloud computing issues!


Like most other cloud products Azure too lets you pay for what you need and use. There are no upfront payments involved and iSummation will manage and maintain your azure cloud infrastructure at minimal costs.

Consolidated Billing

If you are using additional iSummation services other than managing your Azure footprint then we provide consolidated billing which means you don’t have to go through multiple invoices to know the bill and pay for them separately. iSummation makes things simple and easy!

Get precise data about your cloud spending-

If you are hosting your app and other resources on the cloud then controlling spends is one of the biggest issues. iSummation gives you reports of who is using which part of the cloud service which in turn lets you optimize your cloud environment. This saves you from being charged for services and resources you don’t use!

With iSummation you get the same features and advantages of Azure Enterprise and Direct/Web agreements at a fraction of the cost

iSummation also lets its team of top cloud consultants to guide and advice you on your business’s cloud journey!

Major Services:

Setup and maintain azure cloud

iSummation ensures that your Azure cloud setup process involves zero-downtime for maintenance and migration. There are plenty of businesses that underrate the effort and costs associated with maintaining your azure cloud infrastructure. There are plenty of tasks to be done once you have set up your cloud. Backups, security patching and break-fixing is just a few of such maintenance issues. Managing them not only takes time but extensive expertise as well.

With iSummation your cloud migration and maintenance can be achieved with zero downtime and the whole process will be overseen by top experts. We also offer cloud migrations in small, incremental focused iterations resulting in immediate and scalable use of cloud resources.

Web & Mobile Hosting

iSummation experts help and support you to define and develop your Enterprise Mobility strategy and deploy mobile apps on Azure. A great Microsoft provided tool in this is the Azure Mobile Apps that let you both develop and host native and cross-platform mobile apps. Through its use you can consolidate the following functions:

  • Single Sign-on
  • Active directory
  • Push notifications
  • Auto-scalability
  • And offline sync

With iSummation and Azure Mobile Apps you can now integrate your mobile apps with SaaS APIs, on-premises cloud resources, enterprise systems and even social media. Using cross-platform development frameworks like Flutter, Xamarin and React Native has never been this easy than with iSummation. Not to mention the security and scalability of enterprise-grade apps.

Run Enterprise-level app with the same performance and security globally

Azure web apps hastens the whole procedure of deploying business critical websites and web apps across the enterprise. With the tool, you not only get a familiar IDE but also a network and framework you are already proficient at. With iSummation enterprises can now deploy to the Microsoft azure infrastructure as a service with cutting-edge capabilities.

Azure makes it is possible to optimize apps and use its global infrastructure to penetrate new markets. Azure also supports almost all the major CMSs (Content Management System) including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and even Umbraco.


Like all other cloud service providers, Azure provides state-of-the-art SSD storage that you can scale up and down as per your needs.

Other Major Azure Services we facilitate include:

  • Azure CDN
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure SQL
  • Cosmos DB
  • DevOps
  • Logic Apps
  • Virtual Machine etc

Why Choose Azure

Automated solutions
Robust templates
Greater Flexibility.
Integrated Delivery Pipeline
Disaster Recovery Provisions
Virtual Systems Testing
No surprises

Azure as a Cost-effective Solution

When you compare the costs associated with using other top cloud computing service providers, you will find Azure offers much of the same functionality and flexibility at a fraction of the cost. With Azure, Microsoft has adopted the pay as you go model meaning maximum cost-efficiency for you and your business.

Managed Azure cloud service

Cloud computing is undoubtedly a technical area of expertise. Not you, not your IT Team, Azure requires expert cloud engineers to ensure smooth setup and operations. That’s why you have the managed Azure cloud service provided by iSummation beside you. Get in touch with us today!

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