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Microsoft Dynamics is a software suite of business applications including dedicated ERPs and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. However, Dynamics sale is not carried out in a traditional business model but through authorized reselling partners who provide the software suite in addition to special services as per their area of expertise. Dynamics belongs to the larger Microsoft Business Solutions software suite. You can use Dynamics with other Microsoft products and services like Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer, Outlook, and Azure. The primary industries that Microsoft expects to serve with its Dynamics products including Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM are services, retail, financial services and even the public sector industry. Dynamics helps the work of all businesses irrespective of size.

How Does Dynamics365 Helps Businesses?

Businesses particularly small and medium sized firms often enter a stage where business management software tools like CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and ERPs help to streamline the different business processes and automate business operations. If you want a comprehensive software toolset that will address most of such issues, then Dynamics should be your first choice.

  • Dynamics is cloud-based meaning you get all the conveniences of cloud computing to ensure businesses grow and succeed.
  • You can enhance your existing compliance and security standards while getting access to several productivity-enhancing and automation tools with Dynamics 365. Further, Dynamics comes with advanced AI features that endow your network system with native intelligence and you get access to real-time insights to let you take informed data driven decisions which drives business growth.
  • Dynamics helps to connect data coming in from diverse sources throughout the organization and gives you a unified view of what is going on in your business at any moment.
  • The CRM functionalities of Dynamics 365 makes marketing easier and enhances the customer experience while interacting with your business. Dynamics lets you have customer insights that help to close more sales and thereby boost business revenue significantly.

Dynamics365 Services:

iSummation adds a significant measure of added intelligence to your business apps, CRM and ERP while using Dynamics. Through proper implementation of the software by your business, iSummation ensures all sides of the customer experience remain top-notch while at the same time speeding up business results. Our services include the following aspects of Dynamics adoption and implementation:

Licensing & Consulting

iSummation makes a comprehensive assessment of your specific business and its business needs. This enables businesses to choose the types and number of Dynamics licenses that suit them the best thanks to our Dynamics 365 consultant.

Implementing Dynamics 365 Across Your Business

As part of its Dynamics implementation service, iSummation carries out the following activities:

  • Gap analysis
  • Functionality mapping
  • Using third-party applications
  • Deployment
  • Training of users
  • Data migration
  • And release management

Dynamics 365 Customization

The customization of Dynamics features that iSummation can supply include:

Custom object development
Process level
Data integration
Predictive dialler
Computer telephony

Upgrade & Migration

The upgradation and migration related services provided by iSummation are as follows:

Database upgrade
Product or application upgrade
Modernizing legacy migrations
Data conversion
Object migration

Integration & Testing

iSummation’s Dynamics integration and testing services include:

  • ERP, Web/Mobile portal, CMS, and business application integration
  • Testing workloads, integrations, and systems

Support & Maintenance

We provide Dynamics 365 customer service for migration of GP, CRM, SL, AX, NAV, Salesforce systems to Dynamics. You can use our services both on SLA and ad-hoc engagements giving you greater flexibility.

Industries Benefitted by Microsoft Dynamics

Pharma Industry
Finance Industry
Real Estate Industry
Education Sector
IT Industry

Key Points to select consulting partner for Dynamics365:

iSummation stands out by having all the characteristics that are desirable for a Dynamics consulting agency:

Product knowledge

Your MS Dynamics consulting partner must necessarily be experts in the Dynamics set of software tools. They must be aware of the latest developments in the Dynamics eco-system and thoroughly know about all existing Dynamics related products and new ones that have come to the market in the recent past.

Skilled personnel with deep expertise

Consultants that oversee and carry out Dynamics migration must necessarily be skilled in the platform and its intricacies. While choosing a particular team, check their passion for their work and their ability in the MS Dynamics eco-system. This will help to ensure a seamless Dynamics implementation process.

Gain high ROI

Important software like Dynamics comes with a substantial investment and holds testament to the business owners wish to adopt new, more efficient business process and functions. iSummation can be your trusted partner in this, helping your business to tap into the possibilities of Dynamics365 fully.

Industry experience

Your Dynamics consultant must also understand your business industry comprehensively. Through such broad and deep understanding, they will be in an outstanding position to understand your business and advice you accordingly. No two business organizations are the same making relevant industry experience necessary for a Dynamics consultant.

Change management

You need to ensure that your Dynamics consultant is an expert in change management. Familiarity with the entire ecosystem surrounding Dynamics other than the software suite itself will help consultants ensure a smooth change management for your business organization.

Insight to support your business goals

All businesses have goals both in the long as well as the short term. Any introduction of innovative technology and software solutions must necessarily be in line with such goals. Do not worry, iSummation will integrate Dynamics into your business after acquiring a deep understanding of your business and help you achieve your business objectives.

Service Engagement Models:

iSummation’s Dynamics365 consultation service comes in several pricing models. They are as follows:

Fixed Price Model

This model suits small and medium sized AI projects the best. You can pay iSummation a fixed amount for all the deliverables supplied in respective milestones.

Time and Material Model

For Dynamics365 consulting requirements that call for significant flexibility as they might change often, the time and material model allow you to be billed for iSummation’s team’s efforts monthly.

SLA/Milestone Based Model

If you have an AI-based iterative and process-oriented project where there are well defined external and internal milestones, then this development model might be your best solution.

Build Your Team Model- With this model you get the services of professional experts with years of development experience pre-screened as and when needed.

The iSummation Dynamics365 Approach

Assess and Analysing Requirements

In the first step of our approach experts assess critical project features like:

  • Objectives
  • Project requirements
  • And project expectations

All these inputs are used to create a development roadmap.

Achieving an Agreement on Service Models

You should use the engagement model that suits the demands of the project the best after considering due availability of resources.

Carry Out the Design and Development Process

In this phase the team gets to work to develop high quality working apps incrementally which is in line with the mutually agreed upon acceptance goals and criteria.

Testing and Delivery

From the comprehensive testing, documentation, and client feedback processes we follow, we can deliver the best possible Dynamics365 solution every time!

Maintenance and Support

Once your app has gone live, iSummation monitors it constantly and conducts software debugging to ensure proper operation.

Get in touch with iSummation for full consultation to implement Microsoft Dynamics365 for your any size and shape enterprise.

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