MERN Stack Development Company Offering App Solutions

iSummation builds universal apps using Mongo, Express, React, and Node.js (MERN) stack technology. Our passionate team of MERN stack developers builds custom web apps with high performance.

MERN Stack become a high-performing platform that is created by combining four components: MongoDB, Express Js, Node JS and React JS. You can develop your application in a short amount of time span. That’s why we have started delivering MERN Stack Development Services to our clients that can help you to explore your wings among your competitors.

Why Choose MERN Stack Development

MERN Stack Developers write the program code in JavaScript and this programming language has been widely used for both front-end and back-end development. MERN Stack development services offer quick and robust development to start-ups and big companies and this full-stack development environment result in lower costs and faster results. With JavaScript being immensely popular, the learning curve of MERN Stack is shallow which makes it easier to get familiar with for developers.

MERN Stack allows you to take advantage of using multiple open-source technologies on a single platform. It is a combination of 4 components thus you can get access to all those technologies for a better product.

We are the best MERN Stack Development Company in India that takes pride in delivering best-in-class design and development solutions to our clients. Our MERN Stack experts build superb applications that are:

  • Open source & interactive web apps
  • Strong performance
  • Flexible & highly scalable
  • Smoother workflow
  • Extensive suite of tools

Experience the Excellence of MERN Stack Development Services

iSummation MERN Stack developers use the best tools and state-of-the-art technology to proffer superb MERN development services. It is the right technology when you want to build an innovative app with a stunning UI. Our primary expertise lies in the following:

Custom App Development

Our MERN developers build bespoke web apps for startups, enterprises, and SMBs using the best methodologies and tools with sheer quality using the power of ReactJS and NodeJS.

eCommerce Web Apps

Whether you require an appealing frontend or a dynamic dashboard or a custom eCommerce web app, our MERN stack development experts deliver quality all the way. Scale Your Business With MERN Stack Development Services

MongoDB App Development

For the implementation of Mongo in your specific development project, our experienced MERN stack dev team will deliver excellent database development solutions and support for you.

Enterprise Apps

Hire iSummation’s reliable MERN stack developers to build innovative yet appealing and custom enterprise-grade applications specifically designed for high-intensive workloads or traffic.

CMS Development

We have 10+ years of industry knowledge in building productive, user-friendly content-management-systems (CMS) for your organization. Get complete CMS solutions that are meant to best work with your requirements.

Migration & Integration

Our MERN Stack developers have practical experience in porting and migrating old applications or web apps over to the MERN Stack framework.

Custom React Development

iSummation technologies professionals excel in developing ReactJS applications according to your specific business requirement with custom templates, modules, and libraries.

Business Benefits of Using the MERN Technology Stack


As three of the four technologies are based on JavaScript, they are quite compatible. The use of a single coding language allows for context switching to be avoided and code to be shared across all tiers.


When utilized alternately, MERN technologies are adaptable. If you build code in Node JS and port it to React JS, for example, the code will run smoothly with no data loss and have minimal difficulties.

Lightning-Fast Performance

Single-page applications, rapid retrieval from MongoDB, and stunning visuals from React JS are all features of the component technologies that help successfully. They provide a simple and pleasant user experience.


MERN’s MVC architecture (Model View Controller) enables a smooth and seamless development. MVC facilitates code reusability, maintenance, and coordination among members of the development team.

Our Development Workflow

As a leading IT company, we understand the importance of agile development. Hence, at iSummation, our team follows a streamlined, updated, and on-time approach to MERN Stack web and application development, where we adopt the industry’s best practices and tools to deliver the best results. Moreover, we use the latest technologies, frameworks, and methodologies for quick, efficient, and quality MERN development while maintaining transparent communication with our prospects.

#1 Gained Customer Requirements

We start our development process by obtaining important and critical customer requirements, based on which our professionals prepare the architecture of the product.

#2 Coding Phase

After the architecture is prepared and finalized by the client, we start with coding using the desired programming language. Also, we have testers to ensure the code quality, performance, and security of your product.

#3 Development Phase

Once the quality of code is ensured by experts, we initiate the final MERN Stack development process, as per the specified requirements. This is accomplished in the given time frame

#4 Client Feedback

Keeping the client’s satisfaction as a priority in mind, we get the product reviewed and performance checked by them before deployment and only proceed after their approval.

#5 Deployment and Delivery

If the web or software application is approved by the client, we finally deploy it to the live environment on time while offering necessary customer support and maintenance.

How iSummation Can Help you With MERN Stack Development

iSummation is a top MERN Stack development company delivering comprehensive yet innovative solutions serving the latest IT technology trends building advanced solutions on the MERN Stack framework. We have highly skilled and well-trained in-house professionals who have hands-on experience and a repertoire of knowledge for building fabulous apps with a stunning UX to take your business to new heights.

We at iSummation technologies are proficient in each component of MERN Stack development, thus we are successful in providing you with a smooth development process while building best-in-class MERN Stack websites and applications. Our dedicated MERN Stack developers perform thorough research on MERN components to become adept at meeting every client’s requirement and achieving 100% satisfaction.

  • 100% bug-free coding
  • Advanced technology integration
  • DevOps & Agile approach
  • Easy & fast communication, monitoring, and reporting
  • Dedicated and skilled developers
  • Hassle-free project management
  • Comprehensive knowledge of MERN stack: frameworks, libraries, tools, and databases

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