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In the coming years experts envision a new kind of internet which can understand and translate your thoughts as expressed through your words. It is predicted that the new understanding of human communication by machines will not limit itself to text and will transcend to other communication medium like voice too. Content personalization is one of the key aspects of the internet as we crash into the future. There will be even more revolutionary aspects of the new internet that will change human lives drastically. This new future internet is what people popularly refer to as Web3.

What Is Web 3.0 Technology?

We have tried to describe Web3 in the above para. In the hope of giving, you a more concrete understanding the following predicted Web3 characteristics are going to be extremely important. Web3 is going to be:

Inclusive and Open – Web3 apps will be built upon technology that promises inclusivity for all or in other words, open-source software technologies are the ones that are going to power Web3 content platforms.

Trust less – As tech evangelists rightly observe the present internet architecture relies way too much on trust. Not all businesses are in the white and hence it is fallacious to rely on them to make choices that will benefit the greater public. Web3 is going to be zero-trust which will facilitate the task of maximizing network protection.

Distributed and Decentralized- Through the distributed architecture adopted by Web3 it is going to be possible to make interaction between users, services and devices take place without the need for approval from any central authority.

Web3 Development Types:

Web3 is still in its infancy but the following types of Web3 apps are increasingly becoming popular. They include:

Developing custom dApps

Our expert pool of web 3.0 developers is proficient in the tech-stack that is needed for effective dApp development. We have solid grasp over Solidity, Rust and Golang. That in addition to our expertise in the Brownie and Substrate frameworks lets us create and develop dApps that work at tandem with the Web3 paradigms and projects. Some key features of

the dApps we develop are security, scalability, and interoperability- all of which are crucial for good Web3 implementation.

Developing DeFi Apps

iSummation proudly and confidently offers end-to-end DeFi app development services. Not only development, but our experts also offer consultancy services to enterprise-level clients. Our dedicated and expert DeFi developers deliver custom DeFi app solutions including:

  • Layer 2 solutions
  • Non-custodial wallets
  • Automated market maker which is abbreviated simply as AMM
  • And cross-chain DeFi exchanges amongst others

Metaverse Related Development

iSummation is one of the builders of the futuristic Metaverse which the entire development industry is looking up to. We help create not only use cases of Metaverse related assets but also ensure that it drives real, actual business value. We use state-of-the-art VR, AR, 3D reconstruction and blockchain technologies to create key Metaverse components and experiences like:

  • Immersive 3D spaces
  • Web3 wallets
  • NFT marketplaces
  • Self-sovereign identity
  • NFT marketplaces
  • And Avatars

NFT Development

iSummation offers NFT marketplace design and development services. Such marketplaces make it easier to trade NFT tokens, hold live auctions in a realistic 3D setting. Besides that, we also have ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace app solutions that can be quickly customized and easily integrated with your Web3 project thereby reducing time-to-market significantly.

Developing Smart Contracts

Our team can effectively use the open-source nature of the existing Web3 ecosystem to create open, public, and composable backends. They give users the freedom to write smart contracts that sport high levels of security, upgradability, and reliability. Users can also modify the codebase of the smart contracts we create if that is needed without affecting the contract’s original state.

Web3 Gaming Development

iSummations game dev team has solid expertise in both major game engines out there viz. Unreal and Unity. We have several play-to-earn NFT games to our credit which expose both new-age gaming principles besides enjoying great popularity. Not only in actual development, but we are also skilled in gaming industry trend research and that perfectly positions us to meet the evolving needs of the NFT game development world.

Multi-chain Solutions

iSummation is also skilled at developing multi-chain Web3 apps besides more mainstream dApps. The multi-chain Web3 apps developed by us are fully interoperable and grants users’ access to different isolated Web3 platforms and perform key activities including financial activities like trading. We combine the best of app-related development tools like

APIs, DAO, Oracle and incorporate them into the multi-chain Web3 app solution we create for you with industry-leading transparency and automation levels.

Native Payment Solutions

We are also very much capable of developing advanced digital wallets meant for use on Web3-based platforms. They provide both storage and currency management uses of the relevant platform. The other kind of Web3 wallet we develop are those that grant users access to Web3 dApps across a large number of existing blockchains.

Self-Sovereign Identity

iSummation can also develop an SSI identity Web3 system on your behalf. Such identity systems free users, granting them personal autonomy and ensure a secure and safe digital environment while using apps like web 3.0 social media.

Web3 Preferred Tech Stack

If you are trying to develop a Web3 app, it is necessary for you to have deep and suitable expertise in the fields of:

  • Web3 infrastructure
  • Blockchain networks
  • And Web3 development environments

There are a few layers of technology at work while developing Web3 apps. They are as follows:

  • Web3 Network Layer
  • Blockchain network layer (choose from EVM and non-EVM compatible blockchains)
  • Web3 Application Layer (Decentralized Applications)
  • Blockchain interaction layer
  • Web3 Presentation Layer (typically React.js library)

Web3 App Development Process

The whole process to undergo while developing a Web3 are as follows:

Why choose iSummation as your Web3 project development partner?

The following characteristics of iSummation’s Web3 app development make it the best choice in its niche:

  • Suitably trained developers
  • Expertise in the relatively new Web3 domain
  • Experience working on a wide range of Web3 developmental projects

Experience top class web3 Development:

Let the expertise and experience of iSummation’s expert web 3.0 developers help you create effective, functional, and profitable Web3 apps.

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