TypeScript (TS)

The typed JavaScript (JS) superset- TypeScript (TS) gives you great flexibility and create code JS like you really want to. TypeScript (TS) compiles to ordinary JavaScript and adopts object-oriented paradigm. Like Java or C#, it is statically typed and has provisions for interfaces and classes. Many JS frameworks like Angular are created with TypeScript (TS). iSummation developers have thorough knowledge of TypeScript (TS) generic which lets them create both server and client-side OOP (Object Oriented Programming) programs compiled to JS.

About TypeScript (TS):

The popular Open-Source programming language-TypeScript (TS) is an OOP-based strongly typed language. TypeScript (TS), like we mentioned earlier is a JS Strict super-set. What this means is that with TypeScript (TS) you can implement any JS functionality. Further, TypeScript (TS) comes with additional features. Developers can use any JS code while using TypeScript (TS) and it will remain valid. TypeScript (TS) can complement JS projects as all TypeScript (TS) code can be converted to JS. Large projects using TypeScript (TS) get the advantage of creating more robust software with the same amounts of deployment ease as TypeScript (TS) will work anywhere JS can. While it will not make software coded with it bug-free, but it can indeed help you get rid of type associated errors significantly.

Key Features of TypeScript (TS):

The features that make TypeScript (TS) stand out are as follows:

Object-Oriented language

TypeScript (TS) comes with all the features characterized by OOP-based programming languages. These include:

  • Interfaces
  • Classes
  • Modules
  • Inheritance amongst others

TypeScript (TS) is suitable for both server and client-side application and program development.

It is a variant of JS

TypeScript (TS) is not executed on browsers directly. TypeScript (TS) starts and ends with JS which means that knowing JS is enough for you to create complex programs using TypeScript (TS). Through the “trans-piled” process TypeScript (TS) code is converted to JS before actual execution. So, you can use TypeScript (TS) online without any additional hassles.

TypeScript (TS) Supports All JS Libraries

You can use all JS elements with TypeScript (TS). In fact, developers can use TypeScript (TS) for all JS software including JS tools, frameworks, and other JS libraries.

It is Portable

TypeScript (TS) is characterized by its portability. You can use TypeScript (TS) online and across all devices, OS platforms and browsers. TS functions in any place JS can and is it not dependant on virtual machines for it to function.

JavaScript is TypeScript (TS)

You can convert existing JS files to TypeScript (TS) by simply changing the file extension from “.js” to “.ts”

DOM Manipulation

You can interact with DOM and manipulate it to add or remove TypeScript (TS) online elements just like what you can do with JavaScript.

Top reasons to consider TypeScript (TS):

TypeScript (TS) gives JS additional functionality and features and comes with a host of useful types and is a helpful and useful tool for JS developers. It is only natural to wonder if TypeScript (TS) is worth the trouble. Accordingly, you need to consider the top reasons which should guide your JS development predicament, whether you should or should not use TypeScript (TS):

  • Create precise defining through typing
  • Easy to manage code with types
  • Greater performance of the developer team
  • It is highly popular, and many big names of the tech world prefer to use it rather than use simple JS

TypeScript (TS) Use Cases:

Some of the prominent scenarios where TypeScript (TS) is particularly suitable are as follows:

When there is a large codebase

On large, multi-member JS development projects with huge codebases, type systems let you avoid common errors especially if you are developing single-page applications. With the TypeScript (TS) trans-piler such teams can avoid scenarios where errors by one developer can potentially break the whole program. The trans-piler reveals common and obvious mistakes though you still need debugging.

To bring proficiency in statically typed languages

Developer teams with strong Java/C# backgrounds would find TypeScript (TS) to be a more suitable JS development strongly typed language alternative. Interestingly, the same developer initially created C# and TypeScript (TS).

It can replace Babel

Microsoft is known to create forks for common programming language and add additional propriety functionality to them. 1996 saw the firm come out with it is first JS fork- Jscript. Developers can use ES6 code to ES5 variant by using the TypeScript (TS) trans-piler. This is made possible because ES6 is a TypeScript (TS) subset while the trans-piler creates ES5 code. Some other notable scenarios where TypeScript (TS) trumps ES6 are as follows:

  • Initialization of constructor member variables
  • Enums
  • Inheritance features etc
  • If a framework or library or recommends using TypeScript (TS) with it

Developers using JS libraries that recommend TypeScript (TS) for development like angular TypeScript (TS), should go for it. To avoid good syntax error, it is helpful for developers to use the community developed repo created by Definitely Typed to add type definitions to the respective library.

When do you need to get things fast?

In certain scenarios, TypeScript (TS) overtakes JS itself in terms of performance. Some examples would be type checks in JS. In case of developing certain apps, small programming errors can potentially be fatal. TypeScript (TS) lets developers do away with type checks all-together. This reduces unnecessary runtime type checks thereby making the program run faster.

Pros in using TypeScript (TS)?

There are a lot of things going for using TypeScript (TS) for your JS-based program development. They are:

  • Static typing option
  • Spotting bugs earlier in the development process
  • Predictable behaviour of scripts and software
  • Extremely readable code
  • Support for many IDEs
  • Fast refactoring
  • Power of OOP
  • Huge talent pool
  • Cross-browser and Cross-platform compatibility
  • Support from the tech world

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