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There is a lack of clarity in certain business sections about why we should invest further in Microsoft’s Power platform and build power apps when we have the BI software application itself. Experts and users question the reasons behind delivering content through apps created by a power apps developer. The necessity of adding an extra app layer to existing Power BI features of workspaces and sharing are not certain to all. The following aspects of Power BI and content delivery can shed some light on how power app development can be helpful.

Delivering Content with Power BI

Other than embedding content or having subscriptions, there are three other methods with which you can distribute content once you have published it on Power BI. And these ways are:



And apps

Power BI Features

The MS Office 365 software suite comes with several tools that help with automation like Flow amongst others. Further, with the help of a power apps developer you can leverage PowerApps features and tools to create apps. The tools and resources that come with Power Apps include:

  • A sample app library that you can start with and customize them as per the need
  • A connector library with over 200 connection instances with which you can integrate existing Office 365 systems and its related data
  • Create apps easily with its drag and drop interface
  • Integrate Power Apps tightly with MS Dynamics and Office 365 toolset
  • Get necessary support thanks to the highly active PowerApps community

Canvas and model-driven apps

Power apps developers can create PowerApps through two main approaches viz. the canvas and model-driven approach.

In the canvas approach you start with a blank canvas and connect available data sources, add your workflow(s) to it and create app interfaces by using drag and drop interface functionality. While you can rely on the variety of ready-made standard connector library, you don’t have to and can develop your own connectors. If you are using Office 365, you can create other canvas apps within other tools that come with the Office software suite like Share point. Developers adopt the canvas approach when they need complete control over the app they want to create.

In the recent past there has emerged an alternative approach to creating apps- the model driven approach. This approach is derived from a feature of MS Dynamics. With the model approach developers can use the Common Data Service from Microsoft. This data service comes lets you use the data structures, multi-form data and information and business rules you have already created to act as the “model” for creating an overlying app. This feature lets your data and its structure decide your app specifics. This approach is especially helpful when the underlying data is complex like MS Dynamics data.

Irrespective of the model you choose for your power app development, the PowerApps experts at iSummation can build power apps that will suit your business needs the most.

How can businesses benefit from PowerApps?

Businesses can use PowerApps for a wide range of business processes that covers business operation and management activities like

  • Automation
  • Workflow
  • Visualising data and creating reports
  • Collaboration

These facilities are extended over:

Field workers
And even customers

PowerApps are relevant and useful for a wide range of businesses and its use case can vary from being comparatively simple to highly technical and complex. PowerApps lets you both enhance existing basics or create something ultramodern and highly innovative. Business owners and other stakeholders can use PowerApps from their mobiles through apps and within MS Office tools like MS Teams or even a website.

Businesses can achieve the following with PowerApps with a little bit of help from iSummation:

  • Let field employees log crucial data while out in the field like recording necessary repairs and site inspection results
  • A special KYC (know your client) app that lets businesses follow legal and other requirements like new clients and know about various criteria applicable to them and interrogating many databases
  • Creating templates of standard documents like contracts and automating the signing and other related processes based on different metadata and criteria
  • You can also create a customized 360-degree appraisal system with room for inputs from several relevant workflows, users, and reports
  • It provides a software framework for IT departments with which they can track various assets like business-owned mobile devices, hardware, and software licenses
  • Use any of the several available marketing automation tools for personalized follow-ups with clients based on responses and interactions

Advanced Power BI Capabilities

Microsoft has been active in developing PowerApps and the tools now have advanced features like:

AI Builder Feature

With the AI Builder PowerApps functionality, businesses can use Microsoft’s AI and ML frameworks to aid them in the development of smart, advanced applications. A suitable example would be providing your app with an AI that can categorize and analyse responses and feedback from their customers and take proper actions. PowerApps are capable of a lot of AI and ML feats including a real-world project where workers for a manufacturing and distribution units were able to digitally find and track individual product pieces by simply taking a photo of the same.

Integrate Blockchain

With the Azure Blockchain Services businesses get the chance to integrate blockchain technology to specialized apps.

Create Web Portals

With PowerApps Portals, you can now create portals for external employees. Experts consider this to be a significant development as it connects customer actions at with back-end and internal processes and marketing automation amongst others.

With iSummation you can use the immense power of PowerApps in a simple and effortless way. Doing so will simply existing workflows and drive customer service. With the AI capabilities and website integrations you can expand your capabilities further. Do get in touch with iSummation today to leverage the true power of PowerApps.

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