Progressive Web App (PWA) vs Native Mobile App

Innovation in technology and development is an ongoing endless process to ultimately achieve most advanced and limitless solution for better, faster and easing user experience. Just few years back once iOS and Android mobile operating system become the core for mobile business solution, considered as must have native mobile app solution for better user experience to shift the business over to mobile. Now since the progressive web app development capability getting more advanced to almost deliver
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 Admin User     Nov, 01 2018

Progressive Web App – An App for everything

Web development trend constantly evolving with the most advance platforms and modern technologies that ultimately deliver better user experience than ever before. Use of micro development making it possible to eliminate limitations accessing and using the app almost from any device that popularly termed as “Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)”.
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 Analyst     Oct, 11 2018

Generate PDF using AWS lambda and SAM local

AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing server. Since you are not managing server it is called "ServerLess" (yea, Serverless doesn't mean no server). I think this is the way to handle microservices, mobile app API call where a developer does not want to manage own server.   Till now, I never get into Lambda as we are running huge enterprise application and cannot be convert everything into microservices. Also, I feel that managing those many microservi
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 Pritesh Patel     Jun, 22 2018

Node.js Core Technical Features

“MEAN” become one of the popular advanced modern technology stack and continue increasing development demand for high scalable modern solution for SMBs and Large-scale enterprises globally.   Node.js is the core of MEAN stack, Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine and uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.   It is interesting to know about key technical features those really make Node.js as
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 Admin User     May, 31 2018

Angular 6 – What's New ?

Angular 6 is available now, let us quickly check-out some exiting new features and updates at a glance. Angular 6 features and updates are sure giving an edge to huge performance boost!   The key updates are Angular Elements, Angular library, service worker improvements, and many more. I use Angular every day, so let’s just get started with the groundbreaking changes that can make our coding experience much easier.
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 Niral Munjariya     May, 17 2018

Node.js Best eCommerce Platforms

It’s more than three decades since the eCommerce development actively started and evolved gradually with many open source CMS platforms. Since over five years responsiveness and mobile eCommerce Apps are now dominating eCommerce development.   eCommerce helps in overcoming the barriers of time and distance, thereby improving your business. Retail business sharply turned online with powerful eCommerce Development technologies in use.   Now, MEAN Stack is technology stack consi
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 Admin User     May, 03 2018

Enterprise Mobility - Operations on the Go

The world become virtually boundary less in a global business term, Now the most recent technology revolution is an adaption of mobility as the most disruptive technology for enterprises across the globe. Mobile implementation becomes more vital for operational efficiency and meeting the new age business requirements.
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 Admin User     Apr, 26 2018

Agile Development - A sensitive practice to neutralize advantages

More Commonly or most popularly it is known that agile is the methodology with very less scope or even no document process to initiate software development but Agile stand out to be more flexible to decide with multiple variable development practices based on project Scope, Requirements, Time, Cost etc. Further in this article will read about unidentified sensitive concerns those may affect in neutralizing advantages between product stakeholders and development entity.  
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 Admin User     Mar, 29 2018

Timeout issue in MySQL Delete Query with IN Statement

I came across high delay timing issue while executing delete query in MySQL with IN statement as was taking too much time to execute, here is the case of timeout issue and solution to fix this issue.   I want to delete all records tagged as ‘Student’. So, I use below query to delete child table entries.   delete from child where parentid in (select id from parent where tag = 'Student');  
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 Mahavir     Feb, 23 2018

Running Multiple Tomcat Instances with Coldfusion Standard Version - Part I

I am an enthusiastic ColdFusion Developer since over 8 years, love working on CodlFusion like an expert, earlier I used to work with Railo and ColdFusion 9 (standard edition) to clustering and load balancing. I had started with Railo as I was new to Railo and keen to work around it. I wrote several post about Railo installation   Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step - part ii Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat. &nb
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 Admin User     Feb, 15 2018

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