VueJS Development

The eco-system surrounding JavaScript is robust and there are several frameworks provide smooth and easy development experience. Despite the runaway popularity of JS libraries like React and Angular, the VueJS framework is also being widely adopted and used for UI Development.

About VueJS

Essentially VueJS is an open-source JavaScript platform for UI (user interfaces) and SPAs (Single-page applications) that it is primarily MVVM (model-view-view model) architecture. Through the architecture, developers can separate the graphical UI view from business logic or model.

Evan who designed and released the VueJS framework in 2014. He was a Google employee and VueJS is the result of his work on AngularJS in that

position. Despite being new VueJS stands out by it light and minimal footprint.

MVVM is enabled to separate model and view that help to work on the front and back ends far more intuitively. The view model acts as the liaison among the two. Vue address only the view layer and addition of extra functionality calls for supporting libraries which are not built-in which earns the framework the adjective “progressive”.

Key features of VueJS

  • Data Binding
  • Virtual DOM
  • Event Handling
  • Components
  • Computed Properties
  • Animation/Transition with the Vue ui
  • Directives
  • Watchers
  • Templates
  • Lightweight
  • Routing
  • Vue-CLI

VueJS Development Consideration

VueJS framework works especially well in many different development requirements and a few a given below.

Developing an app with interactive animated elements

Recent VueJS versions provide flexibility in transitions to use third-party libraries to create animations effortlessly. VueJS framework provide many options while animating the web solution with built-in transition groups and to use JS hooks and CSS with transition components.

When to integrate multiple apps seamlessly

In terms of integration Vue’s works seamlessly with server-rendered apps. VueJS is a better choice for developing a single-page application, further by using other frameworks it’s easy to integrate with existing server pages introducing for dynamic interactivity to your apps.

It is relatively easy to use Vue with existing pages while specifying the relevant script tag to load the framework. Developers can then simply add Vue component libraries like HTML templates, data, and other components. It is also an excellent choice for developers creating full and broad single-page apps.

Creating a rich Progressive Web Apps – PWA

VueJS provide convenient PWA plugin and even better it can be added to an existing or new PWA Project, Vue PWA plugin also create a manifest file for your app as well. By default, the CLI will generate a manifest in App build. Easy to deploy Vue JS PWA on various hosts like Firebase, Vercel, Netlify, AWS or Azure Static Web Apps.

When creating an app prototype

Using VueJS to create prototypes of their web app ideas even if they don’t know advanced coding. VueJS lets you author components in the essential HTML, JS and CSS online technologies. The templates that come with it aid developmental work and makes it accessible to designers and non-developers. Creating app prototypes become surprisingly simple by using VueJS.

The technology is highly reactive that makes it easy to see changes in user views which is otherwise a tough and tricky task. Such reactivity is especially important for small apps that don’t involve complex management solutions.

To develop an MVP (Minimal Viable Product)

The design and API of VueJS makes coding an easy and quick process. With the technology developers can set up project environment in a few hours. In contrast competing technologies like Angular are considerable larger and are a relatively time-consuming process. VueJS comes without the need for creating a fresh development project for each app developers are creating. Obviously, that factor alone speeds up the development process significantly. While some technologies like React need a month of work to set up, the quick set up process for VueJS makes the latter so much operationally efficient meaning making MVPs become easy!

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