ColdFusion Consulting

ColdFusion is a technology where valuable resources are hard to find. There are several custom and enterprise level applications developed in ColdFusion that are languishing for the lack of expert guidance and consultation on how to optimize them and use them best for the business functions. Decisions need to be made on coldfusion migration, coldfusion database migration and coldfusion platform migration.


iSummation offer ColdFusion consulting by a team of analysts who have worked for years in the field programming in ColdFusion Development. They will consult with internal IT department or with the business stakeholders on what is the best solution for the system at this stage. We may recommend a complete migration or continued use of the current system based on the feature requirements. A phased transition may be recommended if immediate changes are not acceptable.


Our team of ColdFusion Consulting are highly experienced resources who have worked on all aspects of ColdFusion Company like database development, coldfusion application development, coldfusion application migration and coldfusion integration and hence are in the right position to provide you with the best guidance on what to do next.

Our Expertise in ColdFusion Consulting


We are a specialist ColdFusion development and maintenance company based in India. We have more than 15 years of experience in coldfusion development. We are currently working on enterprise ERP level systems in this technology and have resources trained in all versions of ColdFusion Services. Our developers are available for both the onsite and offsite coldfusion development services. We provide custom coldfusion development and maintenance services.


Our proven best practice and experience with ColdFusion make isummation one of the best ColdFusion Consulting Company.