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Expert ColdFusion Consulting:

iSummation is the most trusted industry’s leading ColdFusion expert that provides consultation, development and maintenance and support services for ColdFusion applications. iSummation’s team of ColdFusion developers have expert-levels CFML skills and decades of collective experience. We can fix almost any type of ColdFusion technical issue that you or your business software might face.

Legacy CF System Support & Update
CF App Migration & Upgrade
Adobe & Lucee Server Deployment
ColdFusion System Analysis
ColdFusion Lucee CFML Programming
Modernizing Legacy CF System
CF Server Migration & Upgrade
CF App Performance Tuning
CFML Programming
Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Why iSummation for ColdFusion Consulting?

Our ColdFusion consulting service offers detailed technical analysis of your business software needs and advise you on the kind of ColdFusion related development, supports or maintenance tasks you need to employ to that bring efficiency and performance for your ColdFusion based software solutions. iSummation is pioneered to serve for ColdFusion in USA, UK and other countries consuming ColdFusion based software solutions.

iSummation is pioneered to serve dedicatedly in ColdFusion for the companies of all shapes and size located in USA, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA exclusively. We are only pioneer taking the lead of ColdFusion technology from ever since the technology makes its first moved into the market. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest coding trends, including Adobe and Lucee, to enhance our strategic making process while administering best methodologies to deploy ColdFusion servers.

Dedicated skilled expertise
High Quality yet cost effective
Two decades of experience
Advance Technical Support

Our Best Practices:

From enterprise level ERP apps to more mundane and smaller CFML projects, iSummation is your ideal ColdFusion development partner. As mentioned, iSummation’s ColdFusion development consultation will help you resolve the following Adobe ColdFusion / Lucee CFML related issues with proven best practices:

iSummation can help you in secluding issues in enterprise-level ColdFusion app solutions. With our team of Adobe certified ColdFusion engineers, we can detect issues in live ColdFusion apps. We recognize that businesses need their apps to function smoothly and without any significant interruption and our experts will take the most effective path to fixing existing ColdFusion issues with minimum downtimes to ensure the smooth and continuous business operations.

Swift and responsive development is a characteristic of our service, and our clients laud us for delivering on what we promise. Our development architects are experienced in cross-platform development innovations which is a necessity in the field of multi-layered application situations. The breadth in our ColdFusion expertise allows us to take proactive action on fixing almost all common ColdFusion issues irrespective of whether it is related to OS arrangement, systems administrations, web apps and even database servers.

Database Tuning

It is common to find poor app performance and functionality occurring due to database related issues. Usually, such database bottlenecks and issues result from:

  • Use of database schemas that are not suitably effective and efficient
  • Erroneous or missing indexes
  • Issues in the transaction strategies
  • Below par implementation of caching

iSummation’s ColdFusion team has extensive experience in FusionReactor and SQL. Such relational database expertise helps us fix your database issues with a hands-on approach.

Consulting Service Advice

Our ColdFusion consultancy services are noted for their comprehensive end-to-end CF development services that stretches through the entire app development and programming life cycle like:

  • Determining the project needs and requirements
  • Architecture design
  • Creating prototypes
  • UI design
  • Setting up the app environment and configuring the CI and SCM
  • Developing and programming the app
  • Optimizing programming code
  • Testing including automated tests and software, stress, and performance testing
  • Review code to ensure scalability and performance and adherence to CFML programming best practices
  • Continuous analysis of applications and servers

Irrespective of whether you want to develop a new app or are thinking about switching platforms, our CF consultancy services will assist you in making the right decision. We help you in making the right developmental choices concerning:

  • Coldspring
  • AOP or Aspect Oriented Programming
  • ColdBox
  • MVC or Model-View-Controller
  • Mach-II
  • Fusebox
  • ORM
  • Model-glue
  • Reactor
  • Hibernate
  • Transfer

Setup, Install and Monitor FusionReactor Servers

iSummation system architects can setup all kinds of FusionReactor installations across operating platforms ranging from Windows to Solaris.

Our FusionReactor service employs a special seven-point quick start consultancy which includes:

  • Architecture review
  • Configuration of secured access
  • Setting up appropriate limits for the base installation for execution optimization
  • Configuring archives of FusionReactor communication logs
  • JDBC wrapping facilitating DB metric records
  • Configuring the CP to prevent and protect from crashes
  • Prompt platform review, quick-start instruction guide covering common options and review of resource allocation
  • Installing ColdFusion on both standard and non-standard environments

iSummation is known for its dynamic CFML programming on Java based technologies like BlueDragon, OpenBD and Lucee

Tuning and Optimizing ColdFusion Server Apps

Our consultancy services let clients determine server programming needs through proper computing research. We are a remote-friendly team that works smoothly with remote-first technologies like shared and remote work areas, VPNs, SSH etc. We are also open to on-site ColdFusion development and maintenance assignments. Through continuous and effective monitoring, we detect issues swiftly and conduct current state investigations and create prescribed action plans.

App vulnerability and security checks

Our CF and CFML experts conduct app surveys to assess security flaws and vulnerabilities to common of equipment ability and OS platform. By balancing apps, reaction times get a boost by facilitating cross server traffic. This lets you use segments thereby delivering consistently quality service and work even in situations that demand an elevated level of accessibility. After setting up clusters accordingly we can conduct load execution tests.

Take the full advantage of two decades of dedicated expertise with iSummation for ColdFusion 360-degree consulting services.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss anything about your ColdFusion requirement to ensure that you and your business software solution is right up to date to deliver robust performance and scalability.

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