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iSummation is pioneered in ColdFusion Consulting on existing ColdFusion Project, New Development, ColdFusion Maintenance, Support and Servers where skilled, experience and valuable resources are hard to find. We are ColdFusion Experts in India exclusively working as dedicated ColdFusion Solution Provider for multiple industry verticals and enterprises.


One of the ColdFusion Companies who offer ColdFusion Consultation by a team of ColdFusion Analysts, CFML Programmers, ColdFusion Lucee Programmers who have worked for over 10 years in ColdFusion programming with unique coding practice. Delivering consultation with internal IT department or with the business stakeholders on what is the best solution for the system at this stage. We may recommend a complete migration or continued use of the current system based on the feature requirements. A phased transition may be recommended if immediate changes are not acceptable.

Our Expertise in ColdFusion Consulting


Several ColdFusion Applications are builds and developed a long time ago even before 15 years ago those may be languishing for the lack of expert guidance and consultation on how to optimize them as a legacy system to optimize and use them best for the business functions. Technical decisions need to be made to upgrade core technology platform in order to modernize existing legacy systems or ColdFusion Applications.


Over past few years we managed to upgrade ColdFusion based legacy enterprise application into current modern ColdFusion Solution that really advances the performance keeping the same technology in stack without changing basic technology. So, whatever CFML framework and ColdFusion Server being in use, our Expert ColdFusion Programmers are giving their best efforts for upgradation to modernize your enterprise application and bring it back into performance packed solution.


Our team of ColdFusion Consultants are highly experienced resources who have worked on all aspects of ColdFusion like database development, application development, application migration and integration and hence are in the right position to provide you with the best guidance on what to do next.


ColdFusion Expertise


We are a dedicated ColdFusion company in India, Getting ColdFusion Outsourcing projects from many offshore countries like North America, Canada, Europe, Australia. We are currently working on medium to large scale enterprise level ERP Application and Systems in ColdFusion Technology and have resources trained in all versions of ColdFusion.


ColdFusion experts are up to date with all CFML like Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee up to the latest version and servers. Most importantly unique coding technique and development methodology making it well advanced. ColdFusion Experts are available for offsite and onsite development services. We provide custom ColdFusion Development and Maintenance Services.


Our proven best practice and experience with ColdFusion make isummation one of the best ColdFusion Consulting Company.


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Change Title of CFWindow after creating

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

Hello Friends, CFWindow has attribute for giving title to window. Once it is created, we can use it multiple time for different purposes with same title otherwise we need to create it again if we want to change title. Using setTitle function there is no need to create again. We can just change window title name runtime. Have a look at code below ...

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Remove duplicate elements from the list using coldfusion

Admin User | Dec, 31 2018

Hi All, List’s function is very useful in ColdFusion technology. We often use lists in our code but sometime we find duplicate elements in the list and we need to remove it. Here is the simple function to remove duplicate elements from list. Have a look at below code I hope it will helpful for you ...

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Running Multiple Tomcat Instances with Coldfusion Standard Version - Part I

Admin User | Feb, 15 2018

I am an enthusiastic ColdFusion Developer since over 8 years, love working on CodlFusion like an expert, earlier I used to work with Railo and ColdFusion 9 (standard edition) to clustering and load balancing. I had started with Railo as I was new to Railo and keen to work around it. I wrote several post about Railo installation   Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step - part ii Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat. &nb

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Tackling Timeout Issue with Creating Spreadsheet Using ColdFusion POI Utility

Admin User | Nov, 30 2017

Timeout is a well know issue not only with POI spreadsheet, but it applies to process which consumes resources. As the data grows, you'll need more CPU power and more memory. If you are using MS SQL or MY SQL, then you must have created a query with paging concept. Limiting number of records per request will help you to get rid of the timeout issues. Our client runs a daily report for their business. As their business grow, report data also grows and this leads a timeout issue. On d

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Managing ColdFusion Code Formatting

Admin User | Jun, 05 2017

Since I use eclipse as ColdFusion editor, I have installed cfeclipse plug-in for ColdFusion. I got two issues which makes me writing this blog post. One is slowing down editing of large file in cfeclipse and proper code formatting which improves readability.

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