ColdFusion Development

ColdFusion emerged back in 1995 due to the efforts of J. J. Allaire. The platform was meant to facilitate the rapid development of web apps. ColdFusion’s programming language is ColdFusion Markup Language which is popularly abbreviated as CFML. Through ColdFusion, establishing database connections and data interaction with HTML-based webpages became significantly easy. By 1996 when ColdFusion version was released it was already a full-fledged platform with its own dedicated IDE besides shipping with a full-featured scripting language CFML.

ColdFusion Expertise

ColdFusion Web App Development
ColdFusion Mobile App Development
ColdFusion Enterprise Outsourcing
ColdFusion MURA CMS Development
ColdFusion API Development
ColdFusion MVP Development
System Security Audit and Monitoring
Performance Tuning and Fixing
ColdFusion Consulting
ColdFusion App and Server Migration
ColdFusion Maintenance and Support
CF Server Setup, Hosting and Deployment

ColdFusion Development Services:

Implement the MURA CMS

Mura is what industry people refer to as a headless CMS or content management system. Mura was designed to make content related activities easy for governmental organizations, businesses, and educational institutes.

Flex Programming

Adobe calls its powerful yet flexible app framework Flex. The project is open-source, and it makes developers tasks of creating mobile apps across platforms easy and simple. It creates not only web apps but desktop apps as well while employing the same code base, model and tools used for mobile apps created with Flex. If you want to build apps using Flex, you need the Flex SDK. The good thing is that it is free and using it also gives you the power of Adobe Flash Builder at your disposal. Flash builder offers an impressive array of features that make programming simple and easy like

  • Filters for performance and memory functions
  • Intelligent code editing
  • Visual design
  • Even step-through debugging

Migrating ColdFusion Apps

Sometimes it might be a clever idea to switch your ColdFusion app from its platform to another suitable platform, which is usually .NET or Java. Such reasons may include:

  • Easy maintenance and enhancement
  • Get workable automatic bug detection features
  • Work with modern web technologies which results in better UI for users and enhances developer productivity
  • More qualified number of developers to choose from

All this makes ColdFusion management tasks easier.

Product Life-Cycle Management

By adopting best practices for your present-day ColdFusion development, you can ensure a stress-free experience with efficient project lifecycle costs while the project speed and innovation go up. Better quality of ColdFusion development can affect product life-cycle management in the following ways:

  • Make sure that the server architecture remains unaltered across the life-cycle stages of development, testing and production
  • Provide a testing environment that eliminates bugs
  • Proper, comprehensive, and effective integration of relevant tools with ColdFusion
  • Pre-made, free, portable development environment with a baked codebase

ColdFusion Version Upgrade

You stand to lose on several fronts if you do not make it a point to keep your ColdFusion app updated. You risk:

  • Not being able to use the many tools that Adobe introduces from time to time
  • Finally, not updating CF will mean that old code keeps on getting accumulated leading to a tangled data mess which in turns results to a business’s technical debt.
  • It makes your business data and the app itself vulnerable malicious intents that Adobe address through its various patches and updates. In fact, a 2019 survey found that most CF users who were victims of hacking had not patched their CF system or had vulnerable code additions.

Why Choose iSummation As Your ColdFusion Web Development Partner

When thinking about ColdFusion development services you must keep in mind the following:

AOS or Applications Optimization Services

With the OOP paradigm used by iSummation CF developers can create ColdFusion components which is often refereed to simply as CFC. These CFCs can integrate with systems with ease while providing additional capabilities to the project.

Expert Consultation Service

iSummation has dozens of ColdFusion support and maintenance clients to which it provides its expert CF skills. We ensure that clients are always happy with the service we render, and they do not have to play any role in support and upkeep unless they want to.

Database Maintenance

The better CF development companies will prevent or identify and remove any suspicious code or data that enters your ColdFusion based website or app. Such a proactive attitude will help a ton in not only keeping your CF app or website secure but also ensure that high levels of user privacy are maintained.

Emergency Maintenance Services

There are emergencies with any app or site from time to time. iSummation will always be there to provide almost immediate care if there are any malicious attacks.

ColdFusion Hosting and Support

Being based on the JVM or Java Virtual Machine, ColdFusion will work just as smoothly as Windows or Linux or any other OS. iSummation would be glad to host your CF app or website and will offer you a wide range of hosting options so that you can choose one that fits your needs the best.

How to Ensure that you Choose the Right ColdFusion Development Partner?

There are many things to consider when you try to fix your CF app developer. The following pointers will ensure that you and your app remain on safe ground:

  • Hire firms with teams rather than hiring a solo developer
  • Check out referrals and reviews, talk to real people who have hired the company
  • Ensure that you are aware of the essential questions for which you need the answers
  • Check out their responsiveness, good firms will respond quickly to queries

Discuss about your ColdFusion Project requirement to get perfect best development, consulting, support with a free quote in a quick time.

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