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We all know how technology has shaped the media & entertainment industry over time, whether it’s booking a ticket or choosing your favorite spot, keeping a directory of million songs or streaming online videos to reach friends globally, everything is now on fingertips. The media & entertainment industry is expanding rapidly with more convenient sources like virtual box-office, e-ticketing, etc.The landscape of the media industry has changed drastically with the coming of the Internet. Even the most traditional business houses and media networks have no option but to cope with going technological innovation to make the most out of it.

Here at iSummation, we have built modern software solutions for the media & entertainment industry, which are fully developed using ColdFusion Development Services and MEAN Stack practices and methodologies.

Service Offering for Media & Entertainment Industry

Ticket Selling Application
Online DVD Rental Software
Online Entertainment
Virtual Box-office
Live Streaming Apps
Translation Apps
Advertising Services

Being a ColdFusion Development Company in India, we have delivered modern and data-driven web and mobile applications to deliver a super-rich experience for fans.

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