Online Movie Rental concept

Online DVD Rental service is fast becoming popular and taking over physical store based DVD Rental. In this method users will log into websites of DVD Rental Service providers and order dvds online by selecting movies available on the website. The movies can be added to something called a queue. The dvds are arranged in the queues by users and help the service provider know what are the requirements of customers.

Based on the dvds queued by users, the online Rental Service provider makes arrangements for a delivery of these movies to customer residence using various shipping methods. Com and movie rental rules apply like late fee, fixed rental etc. Once the user has seen the movie he requests return of the movie or ships the movie back to the service provider. Please then eligible for the next movie in their queue.

The system can be used for renting dvds, games, VCDs etc. A good online DVD Rental Software ensures management of DVD Rentals, invoices, shipping etc


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