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ColdFusion Migration Services

ColdFusion migration need comes with telltale signs - The maintenance costs zooms and the efficiency falls, user satisfaction levels plummet and productivity is severely hit technology migration is a prerogative that a company can exercise if it feels that the technology infrastructure is restraining rather than fostering its growth. Most businesses can start seeing the tell-tale signs of crumbling technology set-up: The maintenance costs zoom and the efficiency falls, user satisfaction levels plummet and productivity is severely hit. These are signs enough for most to invest into a better technology that can get rid of all the hindrances.


The scale of change with ColdFusion migration causes discomfort but an expert technology partner can make a difference


ColdFusion migration is seen as a tedious job. It requires a great deal of involvement and understanding of the application function. And in most cases, technology migration means new database, new interfaces, new security constraints et all. This scale of change can cause some discomfort to business users as well as management.


A right coldfusion partner can assuage all these fears. An experienced firm has a very clear perspective on what a coldfusion migration effort can and cannot achieve in a particular case. It also aims at making the changes in such a way that they do not interfere with the user comfort. Such an effort helps build realistic expectations in the mind of management as well as business users.


Our team of coldfusion experts at iSummation has a sound knowledge of coldfusion development that are prevail today. We evaluate the client needs and problems and borrow from our previous experiences to suggest the best options the client has. We also help build a consensus between various application users for some variations in the way some aspects of the application may be handled.


Apart from this, our team of experts aims to deliver all the benefits of a sounder technological infrastructure. A dedicated coldfusion consulting team is deployed at each phase to understand the requirements and feedback better. Based on this information we would the technology changes to deliver best results.


We provide a variety of coldfusion application and database migration services. Various type of complex coldfusion business software migrations is performed by our team. You can outsource application migration projects to our offshore coldfusion development center in India. Other related services that we offer are

  •   IT application migration
  •   Windows application migration
  •   Business Application migration
  •   Web services based migration
  •   Website and database migration
  •   ColdFusion Application migration

Working our way up applications for various businesses we have mastered application migration to different platforms, technologies and Databases. Our ColdFusion Development team helps lay down a proper coldfusion migration path for the application. We provide it coldfusion application migration services of all types and worked extensively in ColdFusion related projects.


ColdFusion Version Upgrade

Technology keep on upgrading with new features, security and previous bug fixation, it is necessary to upgrade ColdFusion version for better performance and security in line with updated technology environment. New version in place mean evolution for advancement hence isolation continue support for old version, may encounter problems or bugs, possibly some incompatibilities.

iSummation is right here to help with specialized ColdFusion version upgrade to easily deal with any challenging situation occurring during the coldfusion upgrade. Proven practice with coldfusion upgrade process can assist remotely with entire process and testing ColdFusion application afterwards.


ColdFusion Version Upgrade Process

iSummation’s dedicated ColdFusion programmer will initiate the process to assist with the new ColdFusion version installation process in your preferred testing environment, setting up testing environment if required.


A separate application copy migration from current old ColdFusion server to the testing environment containing the new version of ColdFusion Server.


Once new environment setup completed, a complete test run takes place to ensure the absence of errors or problems. Resolving any technical problems, errors encountering during the process then do the final testing.


Once the testing is completed, it is clients turn to perform their own testing based on the application they have setup in ColdFusion Services. Once the client testing feedback is received upgrade coldfusion developer will have final review or fixing any reported issue or errors.


All ready and looks fine for new testing environment then only real migration of existing application done into production environment. There is best practice benchmark to follow this whole process to make it easy, secure and smooth for our ColdFusion Clients.


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