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Tableau which is the fastest growing data visualisation tool wields immense power in the world of Business Intelligence. It boasts of unmatched ease when it comes to simplifying raw data and presenting it in an easily comprehensible form. With Tableau visualisation professionals across the board in an organisation can now understand and use data. It is the go-to tool which makes customised dashboards accessible to non-technical people. The BI tool makes the whole process of data analysis significantly faster and presents visualisations in the form of worksheets and dashboards.

Some of the key features that make Tableau so much wildly popular are as follows:

Real-time analysis of data

Data blending

Collaborating & sharing data

As we mentioned, the key to Tableau’s popularity lies in how it does not require technical or programming skills to effectively use and operate the software tool. People across the spectrum of fields that deal with data including business and scientific communities have embraced the tool for both its effectiveness and its ease of use.

Key Tableau Consulting Services Offered by Us

  • Engaging, understandable and attractive data visualisations that facilitate discovery of progressive insights resulting in optimal performance.
  • Install and configure the server platform so that you can get up and running with Tableau tool and leverage it to your advantage at the earliest.
  • Anyone associated with data visualisation is aware of how critically important construction of data is for visualisation. We can help your business improve dashboard performance or even help you prepare them in an appropriate and optimum way.
  • Proper maintenance of Tableau servers is necessary along with timely upgrades to ensure maximum performance and effectiveness of the server platform. And we can and will be glad to help you in the same.
  • We also help businesses and organisations leverage the potential of state-of-the-art technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence by creating data models and embedding the same within Tableau dashboards. From Salesforce Einstein to bespoke models, we are the Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery consultant you want to turn to for optimising the value gained from predictive modelling insights.
  • Other than fixing basic performance issues we can also go in-depth and drastically speed up Tableau performance through the optimization of configuration settings of the platform after due review.
  • We are also only a call or mail away if you intend to leverage the true power and possibilities of Tableau across specific platforms like Tableau server or Tableau Cloud. We are there to guide you through the process of modifying your existing data architecture to better support your Tableau platform implementation.

Analytics features of the Tableau Platform

Tableau makes semi-autonomous and autonomous data examinations to create useful and deep insights through data science and machine learning techniques easy. Some of the related techniques that Tableau uses are:

  • Recommendation systems
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Statistical forecasting

It performs advanced analytics functions like:

  • Data pre-processing
  • Using Multivariate Visualisation to analyse feature separability
  • Using ML methods to create relevant Regressor or Classifier for thorough evaluation of the data processing and analysis pipeline

With the Tableau tool it becomes easy to gain analytics data in scenarios like:

  • What-if and scenario-based analytics
  • Segmentation and cohort analytics
  • Predictive and time-series analytics
  • Sophisticated Statistical functions and calculations
  • Integration with the Python and R programming languages

Key Features of Tableau

Experts acknowledge that Tableau is one of the most visually inclined reporting tools out there in the BI world making Tableau consulting an important component of your existing business process. Some of the features that help it excel in reporting include:

  • Simple and easily understandable presentation of raw data making it perfect for both experts and laymen alike.
  • You get dashboard and worksheet-based data visualisation with powerful and reliable insights.

Visualisation Features of Tableau

  • Tableau makes complex data visualisation simple by representing transactions, figures and statistics-based data into visual charts, box plots, tables, diagrams, and other types of illustration.
  • You can choose from a vast collection of unique visualisations in the form of which the software will represent your data

People respond better to visual data than plain text-based figures. Some of the other types of data illustrations facilitated by Tableau include:

Why choose iSummation as your Tableau consulting Partner

Some of the key technical skills of Tableau experts at iSummation are as follows:

  • Proficiency in data-based programming languages
  • Effective identification of distinct sources of data
  • Effective implementation of data collection methods
  • Proficiency in data related concepts like data warehouses, data lakes, data aggregation and data sets
  • Preparing data for performing analytics functions
  • Combine unstructured and structured data into a single repository
  • Able to clean data using both automated and manual processes
  • Proficiency in data formatting
  • Data analysis skills
  • Extensive BI and data analytics knowledge
  • Experience and expertise in PL/SQL, Excel and ETL
  • Familiarity with RDBMS-based systems with solid SQL BI expertise
  • Acquaintance with other BI and Ticketing systems
  • Familiarity with SSRS, SSIS, SQL and SSAS Queries
  • Ability to design and develop custom dashboards, visualisations and reports
  • Expertise in using APIs and DHS Program datasets
  • Use data visualisation industry best practices
  • Exceptional visual analytics skills
  • Creating visualisation components like hamburger menus, Hexbin and Viola charts
  • Effective implementation, customization, integration, and deployment skills of all Tableau products

Nontechnical Skills of iSummation’s Tableau Consulting Services

  • We are problem solvers
  • We are experts of data analytics environments
  • We are great communicators
  • We are good storytellers

Our Expertise:

The collective experience and expertise of iSummation’s Tableau professionals helps evaluate your business performance better and more in line with your business’s KPIs.

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