SoapUI API Testing

The open-source app testing platform SoapUI is the industry leader in its sphere of operations and enjoys the coveted status of being the most popular a testing automation tool. The Soap UI tool is handy if you test web APIs that use either of the REST and SOAP interfaces besides also enabling web services testing. SoapUI works like a charm for both functional and non-functional testing. The types of tests that SoapUI lets you conduct include:

  • Automated tests
  • Load testing
  • Functional tests
  • Regression tests
  • Mocking
  • And simulation tests

SoapUI stands out by being a simple, easy to use tool with an attractive and intuitive UI.  Further SoapUI also supports a great number of standard web protocols including:







Such usability across network protocols lets SoapUI exchange information as structured data coming in the form of plain text, XML or even JSON among others.

Top SoapUI Use Cases:

It is possible the conduct a comprehensive range of tests through SoapUI by using both RESTful API and SOAP web services. Some of instances where SoapUI is especially effective are as follows:

Creation and execution of load tests- All you need to achieve this within SoapUI is to simply right-click on functionals tests and execute the same as a load test.

Simulating web services- The Soap UI tool lets developers simulate webservices that lets them record and document tests for later use. WSDL also gives them facility to create code stubs. They can also create WADL REST apps from the communication developers record. The extensive documentation available for SoapUI and its extensive feature-set adds to its usability.

SoapUI Features

SoapUI is the world’s foremost tool when it comes to conducting functional tests for web services and SOAP. It comes with a simple, easy-to-use, and intuitive graphical interface, not to mention the enterprise level features it offers. With this tool developer can swiftly create and run automated regression, functional and load tests. With the additional Ready API developers can conduct a range of comprehensive tests from within a single environment. The scope of such tests include:

  • REST web services
  • SOAP web services
  • Databases
  • Enterprise-level JMS messaging layers
  • And Rich Internet Applications amongst others!

Let’s discuss some of the primary features of SoapUI that make it the industry leader:

Functional Testing

Any discussion revolving around automated Regression and Functional testing is incomplete without the mention of the Soap UI tool. The tool boasts of a wide array of innovative and powerful features which lets you validate service and app quality and improve upon it further. The best thing about SoapUI is that you dont need developer level expertise create functional tests on the SoapUI

platform. SoapUI makes it easy to perform complex testing tasks like:

  • Creating new Test Suites
  • Adding assertions to Test Cases
  • And adding Test Cases
  • Service Simulation

Soapui api testing sports a Mock Services feature that lets testers emulate web services against which they can create robust and comprehensive tests before implementing the service. This feature makes it possible for developers to eliminate the costs associated with creating full production system replicas. It also makes it possible for end-users to access the service you have created without having to wait for build times or availability status. Mock Services facilitates the simulation of all kinds of behaviors irrespective of their complexity levels. It makes full configuration of service responses possible.

Security testing

With SoapUI, developers can create an assortment of scans and tests for protection against common security vulnerabilities for your website or service.

Technology Support

One of the primary characteristics of SoapUI is how it lets you create cross-protocol development of services or applications. The ReadyAPI that comes with SoapUI is an advanced tech tool that supports all the major standards and protocols. From testing and deployment of SOAP services to Flex or Flash web apps, SoapUI works with them all!


SoapUI’s ReadyAPI tools comes with in-built powerful analytics features. With ReadyAPI the whole testing process becomes swift diving developers’ hours of tedious work. Not only that, with the feature developer can get comprehensive and thorough analytics reports that they can understand with ease. Developers can create such reports for Load tests and Functional tests at will. You can access this feature from the TestCase, TestSuite and LoadTest levels. It allows for effortless report exports into most of the standard formats with sue provisions for customization.

Load Testing

SoapUI lets developers formulate advanced load tests with ease and swiftness. Such tests are based on functional API tests that are already available to you.


If you are looking for tools with end-to-end automation features, then SoapUI was meant specifically for you. SoapUI tool is used for drastically cutting down on labour costs and shorten the time-to-market period. The command line tools that SoapUI makes available to developers lets them execute Load tests, Functional tests and Mock Services from almost all task schedulers or as an essential component of the build process.With SoapUI customization of tests execution is possible with the end of overriding of the test parameters and determining which tests need to be run.


The last powerful “feature” of SoapUI we would like to mention here is the deep and thriving ecosystem surround the tech tool. It is open source meaning that developers can and do get actively involved with the technology there by making it vibrant and continuously evolving. Further, developers can create custom SoapUI plugins to add desired features to SoapUI. If you avail of the ReadyAPI tool you also get industry-leading support from the Smart Bear team.

Advantages of Using SoapUI:

The comprehensive and end-to-end solutions and feature-set make it a one-stop API testing solution. Some of the advantages you can get with SoapUI are as follows:

  • Comprehensive API testing capability
  • Adopt the open-source approach to its code base
  • Can function as a single API testing solution due to its extensive feature set

SoapUi Plan Modules and Features:

API Test Module

  • Scripless features
  • Custom Scripting options
  • Ability to do Data Driven Tests
  • CI/CD Automation
  • A.I. Driven Test Creation

API Performance Module

  • Flexible Load Generation features
  • Ability to perform parallel API Load Tests
  • Server Monitoring
  • Ships with several ready-for-use Load Templates

API Virtualization Module

  • Simple and Easy Virtual Service Creation
  • Deploying and sharing virtual services
  • Creating and managing Mock Data
  • Simulate Server-Side Behaviour

Soap UI Expertise:

To make use of the extensive feature-set and abilities of SoapUI, get in touch with iSummation today! Our pool of SoapUI experts is there to ensure that your API tests are simple, thorough, and well documented. So, what are you waiting for!

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