Engagement Model

The modern technology world become extremely scalable, limitless even to achieve something beyond the imagination. Following the best development methodology mean to achieve powerful solution virtually for all industries verticals and enterprises.

Dedicated Resource

Effective for long term on going need for client side direct involvement need requires. by hiring dedicated resource or team benefiting from flexible workflow activities pays based on number of resource allocation.

Hybrid Flexible Model

Effective to hire a team for a specific temporary project, extending team size as require in a case when project scope is not clear in advance but short to long term extendibility requires to complete the task.

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost model is Ideal for development with clearly defined scopes & specification that indicate full project delivery within specific time and cost. Best fit for projects where expected requirements are well documented before initiating development.

Easy Outsourcing Model

Full service development outsourcing suitable for onshore IT companies to get maximum cost advantage while engaging for full stack off-shore development using all off-shore infrastructure, resource and facilities.

Time and Material

Effective for projects where total development efforts cannot be estimated in advance, Allowing scope change for better developments, easing flexibility until the project delivery.

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