Enterprise Mobility

The mobile revolution continues to transform human life and technology interactions, now mobile first mind set become integral part of the global enterprise strategy. Mobile technology transforming the way enterprise manage the business operations globally. The rapid rate of mobile app development increased significantly. Business with mobile apps reshaping traditional IT industry to adopt advanced technology for modern business.

A mobile application platform where development, deployment and monitoring of mobile apps, whether B2C or B2B can be managed in a secure, agile and collaborative way across the global business environment.More than seventy-five percentage of the companies have already deployed or plan to develop mobile applications, increasing budget to satisfied their need.

Consideration for Enterprise Mobility

Mobility constantly evolve with new technological way, hence organization looking for more strategic mobile solutions to meet modern operational requirement.

Market Reach

Different business may have different requirement B2C, B2B, B2E, that drive the need for apps – hybrid, native, HTML 5 or responsive web apps. Since one type doesn’t fit all, development to support multiple devises and multiple mobile OS based on to reach targeted market.

Apps Usage Analytics

Analytics on app usage and user experience are imperative to app success. Integrating analytics early will provide valuable insight that can shape the business strategy to look at. Also, prototyping offers apps to be tested with users.


Mobile app development requires multiple skillsets in orders to meet the rigors of great user-experience, business logic, secure access to backend data, compliance and scalability. Allowing close team collaboration to share across multiple project.


Mobile apps project demand rapid innovation and short iterative development cycles. In building the business case to support greater agility, further addressing the challenges for mobile architecture and strategy.


Mobile development toolkits are evolving at the rapid space. Multiple mobile technologies allow flexibility initiate required development. Primarily iOS, Android and Window Phone SDKs are in more use for native apps development.

Secure Integration - MBaaS

Mobile Backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) functionality excels at integrating apps with backend system and third party services implementing in secure cloud based hub between the backend system and mobile client.

API Integration

API provide opportunities and risks. An opportunity to get well documented APIs enabling integration with third party offers speed innovation and reduce complexity. API performed in the cloud provides the simplicity, speed and scalability.

Security & Compliance

Highest consideration for encryption and protection of user data, user access and controls, monitoring etc. Implement security technologies for end-to-end encryption facility necessary for the business.

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