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ColdFusion is a rapid web application development platform, a simple programming language and system environment to create powerful web and mobile applications. ColdFusion inherit Java as the core component with XML, Acronyms for the ColdFusion Markup Language is CFML. It is comparatively less time consuming for any type of dynamic development and delivers powerful performance capabilities to work with internet technologies.

ColdFusion Markup Languages ( CFML)

There are multiple ColdFusion frameworks available to work with, at iSummation expert ColdFusion Programmers are well experienced to get all the best out of ColdFusion Development.

Now, there are any frameworks for ColdFusion developments but standardize MVC framework for rich web application is the key with other frameworks available to work on. We have core expertise working on MVC based framework. However more to list few frameworks are as below :

Key Advantages
  • Maximizing time and cost benefits
  • Using less resources
  • Allowing rapid fast developments
  • Compatible with Multiple OS
  • High Performance Faster Runtime
  • Native Security Authentication
  • Advanced mobile platform
  • Low Maintenance cost

ColdFusion Versions History

An initial version 1.0 was released back in July, 1995 since then till end of year 2016 there are more than 12 ColdFusion versions are released with enhanced capabilities to advance the development using modern open source web technologies. The lasted ColdFusion Version 12 (2016 Release version) released in February, 2016, Now the next version 13 is on future roadmap too.

Micromedia acquired Alliare corporation and released ColdFusion version 5 in January, 2001. The key turn around with the release of ColdFusion Version 9 in October 2009, since then ColdFusion has brought many rapid and advanced technical capabilities for modern web technologies, So as the next release of ColdFusion Version 10 in May 2012 proved as the best available open source web technology globally to maximize performance over other open source platform, helping sharply to save development time and cost.

iSummation delivered excellent ColdFusion based solutions over the period of ColdFusion History. Expert ColdFusion Team have worked with more than 8 ColdFusion Versions over the last more than 15 years, Our Team is among the world’s top experienced ColdFusion Developers today at iSummation Technologies.

Feature Packed ColdFusion 10/11

ColdFusion is more feature packed platform to take maximum advantage virtually scalable solution for all business need.
  • Security enhancements
  • Working with PDF documents
  • Enhanced Java integration
  • Strong encryption libraries
  • Object relational mapping enhancements
  • Enhanced caching
  • ColdFusion as a service
  • Performance enhancements
  • Tight integration with Adobe® ColdFusion® Builder
  • Database enhancements
  • Virtual file system enhancements
  • Improved scheduler
  • Enhanced CFSCRIPT support
  • Hotfix installer and notification
  • Language enhancements
  • Email management
  • XPath integration
  • Multi-threading
  • Rich Ajax UI controls
  • Tomcat integration
  • Flex® and Adobe® AIR® lazy loading
  • Microsoft® Exchange Server integration
  • Support for HTML5 web sockets
  • Microsoft® Office file interoperability
  • Support for RESTful web services
  • Search integration with Apache Solr
  • Improved web services support
  • Server monitor enhancements
  • HTML5 enhancements
  • HTML5 video player and Adobe Flash® Player
  • Enhanced Adobe® Flash® Platform integration
  • .NET integration

Feature Packed ColdFusion 10/11

ColdFusion Version 10 and 11 platforms that offer native and hybrid mobile apps development capabilities, its accurately enhanced for HTML 5 build in support with stringent security measures. Mobile app can be built on using client-side CFML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PhoneGap, Test using Weinre – integrated with CF-11, Using client side CFML debugger, so collectively it is now as CFMobile platform to code, test, debug and package mobile app development for iPhone, Android, Window or the most robust hybrid mobile app version.

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