Lucee Development

Lucee Development

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Lucee is ColdFusion Markup Language – CFML. A dynamic scripting language for the Java Virtual Machine that enables the rapid web applications development.

Lucee is a JVM based language means the source code is compiled to java bytecode, so it be executed on the JVM. In difference to other JVM languages Lucee with it owns very powerful runtime environment. So, it is not only a different syntax to do java bytecode.

Lucee is compatible with contemporary CFML script and tag that provides support for legacy CFML. Lucee language supports multiple development paradigms, including object orientation with inheritance and interfaces.

Why Adobe CFML?

  • Enables very fast prototyping
  • Rapid development process
  • Lucee extended with Java classes and libraries
  • Lucee can access a service layer written in Java
  • Training for Lucee take a less time than Java
  • IDEs and editors can be much simpler
  • Lucee for Enterprises

Lucee provides all of the benefits of ColdFusion at a low-risk, low-cost point of entry that is also highly configurable and scalable. Lucee is both a tested and evolving system for delivering advanced Web 2.0 applications supported by a user community committed to the future of open source CFML and application development.

Because it combines a time-tested platform that is widely used and easy to learn with implementation and open source options, decision makers can confidently rely on CommonSpot for their organization’s current and future needs.

Today big global enterprise uses Lucee CFML as their technology of choice. Lucee widely in use for feature rich rapid fast web development. iSummation delivered enterprise web app to their global clientele.

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