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Streamline and optimize your patient’s data with iSummation healthcare software solutions. We deliver innovation and digital transformation through custom-made healthcare software.

Why is the Healthcare Revolution Needed?

The healthcare industry is one of the most important business sectors that deals with people’s lives and emergency circumstances. In the previous few decades, healthcare has evolved at an exponential rate, resulting in the installation of cutting-edge medical software. All healthcare service providers strive to provide the finest possible support and medical care to their patients. This shift has accelerated the healthcare industry and propelled it to new heights. From clinics to hospitals, the software has played a significant role in tackling a variety of difficulties that healthcare practitioners encounter, including:

  • Issues and standards regulatory compliance.
  • Continued emphasis on operational and IT risk management.
  • Maintaining the privacy of information.
  • People management systems that are accurate.

iSummation software engineers and programmers are dedicated to assisting in the management and improvement of medical care, operational hazards in enterprises, and compliance with changing regulatory norms. Our healthcare software development solutions are extremely reliable, long-lasting, and provide assurance of safety and security.

With specialized software solutions, we are rocket-fueling the digital transformation of the healthcare business. Our healthcare software development company helps medical institutions and private practitioners to revolutionize the patient journey through technological innovation and assure the greatest possible patient outcomes by serving as a trusted consultant and technology partner.

Our Expertise in Healthcare Software

At iSummation, our healthcare software development services are best utilized to help medical practitioners in fulfilling their goals to render flawless service to nurture patients’ health along with curing the diseases and saving the lives of many people. Our expertise in the software development industry delivers appealing applications by implementing the finest and emerging technologies.

Custom Healthcare Development

Our healthcare software development solutions include a complete range of product engineering services including custom hospital software applications from scratch, proto-typing to add-on development. Our healthcare software pros give equal attention to users’ experience and industry standards.

EMR & EHR Software Development

We build HIPAA-complaint EMR and EMR software apps with essential features that enable healthcare industry professionals to chart faster, increase productivity and stay connected via online portals for dedicated patient care.

Our healthcare software developers integrate EMR and EHR software with third-party systems whether it is document management software, reporting apps or cloud-based invoicing.

Patient Portal

We develop feature-rich, user-friendly, and reliable patient web portals for both patients and doctors to make the process simpler. With our patient portal system, patients get simple and safe access to their health-related data and appointment scheduling, past medical history consultation summaries, patient feedback, and customized treatment can be catered by healthcare providers.

Healthcare Apps

iSummation team uses industry best practices to design and develop healthcare apps that are user-friendly, secure, scalable, and highly cost-effective. We have expertise span across the latest platforms and technologies to develop healthcare mobile applications with world-class UI and UX designs. So, why not deliver above and beyond your customer expectations with our healthcare application development services.

Hospital Management Software

Our bespoke hospital management software development can improve the quality of your healthcare services. You can optimize, track and manage several administrative and financial tasks with a hospital management system where you can automate the workflow, manage storage and retrieve data from a secure location.

Key Healthcare Software Features

Our healthcare software development company team builds secure and regulatory compliance software solutions that streamline communication between patients, doctors, health insurance companies, pharmaceutical suppliers, and medical device vendors. Let’s dive into our healthcare software product key features:

  • Patients appointment scheduling.
  • Geofencing.
  • Live chatbots for doctors and patients.
  • Admin panel to track patient progress.
  • Online bill payment.
  • Remote monitoring.
  • Electronic health record systems.

Benefits of iSummation Healthcare Software

Tailored Software

Our medical software solutions cover all the necessary operational areas including automated patient invoicing, telehealth appointments, scheduling and conducting to back up upcoming business ideas.

High Convenience

Our healthcare software is built for targeted users that come with intuitive UX, sleek UI and seamless third-party integrations making it a high convenience for patients and medical practitioners.

Automated Data Processing

Our healthcare software applications are inbuilt with automated data processing for patient outcomes, case reporting, medical records, receiving reimbursement, and more.

Advanced Functionality

We implement advanced features into our healthcare software for faster diagnosing and care delivery (medical image analysis for CT scans; VR & AR for patients surgery, medical education, AI for patient-facing chatbots, symptoms checkers, etc.)

Technologies We Use in Healthcare Software Development

The significance of making healthcare operations more efficient, agile, and cost-effective has been emphasized. The COVID-19 pandemic, on the other hand, has emphasized the importance even more. The current crisis has refocused attention on extending digital innovation across the health sector, putting pressure on businesses to provide patient-centric care while also empowering workers.

Artificial Intelligence

Our software developers are leveraging AI to emulate human cognition in the analysis, comprehension and interpretation of various complex healthcare and medical records.

Machine Learning

Our healthcare systems use machine learning technology to process huge datasets beyond human capabilities and convert data analysis into clinical insights.

Internet of Things

Software solutions built for IoT healthcare devices that enable real-time data capturing and monitoring and facilitate data analytics.

Voice-Enable Solution

With the trend of voice-enable solutions, iSummation team help patients to book appointments, check prescription delivery, and access post-discharge instructions via voice technology.

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