Filing insurance Claims Electronically

Filing insurance Claims Electronically

Less than 5% of the claims filed in the US are filed electronically. This speaks poorly on the utilization of web and technology formats that can make the entire process hassle free and less expensive as they work majorly with paper based claims.
As technologies emerge, electronic claims submission is becoming better and smarter. The method has been in use for the past 20 years. Web enabled claims submissions software are now available that can be installed on a hospital mainframe or any other workstation.
In this method the PCs are configured to receive claims that are downloaded from a patient accounting system. They are processed to meet payer specific format requirements. They are then transmitted directly to the payer or transmitted to the payer via a claims clearing house
Filing claims electronically have their worm advantages
1. Its cheaper to file in the claim
2. The system becomes more efficient so more claims can be processed in one go
3. Its easier to track electronic claims than paper based claims.


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