ACGME Regulated resident duty hour management software

ACGME Regulated resident duty hour management software

We develop and manage Residency Management Software Solution for
helping medical organizations comply with ACGME Regulation for duty hour management for medical residents.

Our Software System
Our software is an online web based system that tracks of duty hours of residents. Comprehensive reports are
generated displaying the duty hours of each resident as per the ACGME regulations. It helps you manage residents
time and adjust scheduling based on the real Time Data collected 4 hours and days on which the dissident
reports. It contains complete capabilities of not just our tracking but also messaging, mobile integration, SMS
updates etc.

Software features
The software consists of two interfaces: one for the residents to be
able to view the hours they have put in, second for the system Admin to monitor the resident activity

The resident interface
The residents can manage their day to day duty hours, they can view
their login hours. They can view the data by week, month, year etc. They can update their scheduled data and can see
aggregate total of duty hours for any specified period in time. Data import and export facilities made available.
And integrated messaging is provided as an option.

The system admin interface
This is the admin station interface of the ACG any duty hour
management software. The system and a straighter can view and manage data for the current index duty cycle.
Notification options can be made available and created on customization. Duty cycle reports are displayed for each
resident for any specified interval of time. The ability to modify this data and access this data can be restricted
by providing. Data import export facilities provided.

Web based software system
Since this is an online web based Software System, it can be
accessed from anywhere by the residents and the admins. It can also be integrated with more by gateways and can be
used with handheld devices, mobile phones, iphones etc.

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