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Artificial Intelligence Solutions & Services

Get artificial intelligence business solutions from iSummation to deliver maximum impact across all domains, cut down extra costs, and simplify processes with robust Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. With us, you can now experience the power of AI! 

Why iSummation for Artificial Intelligence

AI has become a necessity for big organizations stepping onto digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence is an ultimate technology trend and experts consider it as a structured approach to technology that enables machines to emulate human thoughts and behavior. Our AI Solutions provide machines with intelligence that allows them to think and behave like humans. AI applications receive input from a wide database, a process that data and deliver the best results. This whole process is known as Machine learning, the best way to deploy AI solutions.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions are built on multiple models and in the present scenario, organizations are looking to build perfect models that can predict the future. As an AI solutions and services company our pros incorporate features around adaptable and agile intelligent data evolution in the solutions that fulfill your enterprise requirements. iSummation team helps you transform into an AI development company with artificial intelligence automation. 

 If you want to accelerate your machine learning and artificial intelligence journey with our deepest and broadest set of AI/ML consulting services, hire us today! 

Strategized Artificial Intelligence Solutions

iSummation team assures you get the artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions that are future-ready and business-proof. Our AI business solutions cover a wide spectrum of powerful AI applications across many industries, right from the automation of daily tasks to complicated challenges that analyze and presents industry-changing insights. Our AI experts have helped in the development of various AI tools for enterprises based in India and the USA. 

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and when ML combines with deep learning together they find hidden insights from the data without explicitly being told where to look or what to conclude. As a leading AI solutions provider in India our solutions include comprehensive, intuitive machine learning tools that come with automated feature engineering competence resulting in faster and smarter decision making. 

Natural Language Processing

Our Artificial intelligence solutions use Natural Language Processing that enables understanding, interaction, and communication between humans and machines. NLP automatically extracts major business insights & data along with the trends from large amounts of structured and unstructured content. Our Natural language processing software solutions combine ML, AI, and other emerging technologies to allow machines to read human language with products. 

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services deliver the highest business value to software development companies trying to permeate data science within their custom products and to enterprises attempting to uncover data-driven decisions. We embed data analytics intelligence across your business. 

Computer Vision

Leverage the power of our AI solutions that uses computer vision to hasten intelligent automation with simple tools for image processing, image recognition, and object detection. With computer vision easily analyze what’s in a picture or video. 

Robotic Process Automation

Want to reduce the need for a workforce or minimize errors and boost productivity within your enterprise? Get robotic process automation services from iSummation that is best for organizations that want to replace human tasks with streamlined business operations and manufacturing processes. 

Decision Management

Being an Artificial Intelligence services company we assure you that you can simplify and automate business decisions with our AI-powered business decision management solutions. Our AI solutions drive accurate decisions based on real-time algorithmic and predictive systems.

Benefits of AI for your Business

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of emerging technologies that empower enterprises to perform the tasks of humans much faster, efficiently and perfectly. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning business solutions, businesses can strike that balance to support humanitarian efforts through the means of automation. 

 On the other hand, AI applications are a strategic choice to achieve the desired business goal. These are the key benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your business. 

  • Increased Efficiency 
  • 24*7 Availability 
  • Reduce Human Error 
  • Intelligent Automation 
  • Real-time Data 
  • Digital Workforce 
  • Improved monitoring 

Developing AI solutions for your industry


Automate patient’s diagnosis.
AI-driven pharmaceutical research.
Machine Learning for clinical data analysis.
Personalized healthcare system.
Identification of risky patients.

Banking & Finance

Financial analytics
AI-Credit scoring
Fraud detection
Smart financial consultants
Wealth management
AI insurance


Travelers segmentation & personalization
Dynamic pricing packages
Demand forecasting
Intelligent travel assistants
Flight fare and hotel price forecasting.
Recommendations engines

Online Store

Sales forecasting
Personalized shopping with recommendations
Fraud detection
Automated customer support
Voice assistance


Revenue Management
Air Safety & maintenance
Feedback analysis
Messaging automation
Crew management
In-flight sales and food supply
Fuel efficiency optimization


Cashier-free stores
Chatbots to assist with customer services
In-store assistance
Price adjustments
Price predictions
Visual search
Supply chain management
Product categorization


Crop and soil monitoring
Insect and plant disease detection
Intelligent spraying
Automatic weeding
Produce grading and sorting
Aerial survey and imaging

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