Railo Development

ColdFusion Railo Development

Railo is an open source server and software to create web applications, Dynamic Websites, Intranet systems on Java Virtual Machine within no time. Railo is high performance CFML engine which uses all the tags and functions included in Adobe ColdFusion.

Why Railo

Railo is an incredibly powerful, rapid development language for web applications of all shapes and sizes, with a nearly twenty-year history of making difficult development tasks simple and nearly impossible ones downright trivial.

Railo for building web applications faster than ever before. With tags and functions for everything from accessing databases to communicating with web services to handling AJAX and JSON, the tools you need for modern web development are baked right in with CFML.

CFML is suitable for much more than prototypes. When your small application grows into a large one CFML will grow right along with you, and since it’s based on the proven scalability and ubiquity of the Java platform, it’s a great fit in nearly any environment.

iSummation’s expertise using CFML for enterprise custom web application overall delivered multiple projects to many different industries.

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