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iOS is Apple platform for mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod. When you create an iOS app natively you need to create the code in either Objective C or Swift programming languages before publishing your app on Apple’s app store for users. Developers are sometimes wary of using the iOS platform for creating their apps due to cost barriers. IOS developers need Mac based machines and Macs are significantly more costly than their Windows counterparts. Besides that, the quality tests or review process of App Store are also stricter.

But that doesn’t reduce the popularity of Apple devices a bit. Apple devices command a global popularity especially among the quality conscious audience and that means that business owners need to explore the possibilities of iOS development. And another thing going in favour of iOS is that though entry costs are higher for iOS-based apps, they are often easier to create. With proper planning and availability of resources, iOS app development can easily be a rewarding experience giving business owners solid ROI while addressing user needs and meeting business objectives.

Top reasons to choose us:

When choosing an iOS app developer observe the following steps to create a better app solution:

App Requirement Analysis

Your app obviously has key stakeholders along with critical business and some “nice to have” features. It is your task to identify them, capture and interpret them and lastly document your findings. Some useful tools in carrying out your analysis would be things like use cases, interviews of the relevant stakeholders, categorizing the requirements and lastly building the app prototype.

You need to go beyond doing simple analysis of your needs, you need to analyse the critical business objectives. You can achieve this by observing the following steps during your app development analysis exercise:

  • Identify main stakeholders
  • Gather specific requirements from such stakeholders
  • Categorize such requirements
  • Analyse whether it is possible to meet those requirements through apps post analysis
  • Document those requirements and monitor them

When you carry out an in-depth analysis of your business needs and document the same, you are better placed to enjoy success in achieving them.

Suitably analyse technical expertise and skills

In the world of development, adequate technical knowledge and skills are essential to perform programming tasks. Accordingly, an iOS app development firm must have practical knowledge of the platform besides necessary expertise in both the Swift and the Objective C programming languages. There are many facets of iOS development expertise like on time delivery, support and adapting the app according to client feedback. Ideally, you want to be able to interview the development team. This will give you a good idea about their capability in realizing your vision.

Check for industry references

Existing app portfolios of development firms are what bears proof of their skills and expertise. So, you should personally use apps by iOS application development firms to assess the developer’s proficiency. Make it a point to reach out to past clients and personally talk to them about their overall app development experience. This will give you a firm grounding about the firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Also consider existing business reviews of the developer along with relevant parameters like awards, ratings, and other types of professional accolades. There are many business platforms like Good Firms and Clutch that let you carry out such an exercise. App developers with extensive experience are usually better placed to meet your app’s business needs.

Domain-specific technical expertise

Industry professionals use the term domain expertise to refer to the specific activities, fields and professions that are associated with your app solution. If you are developing iOS apps it is even more necessary for you to ensure domain expertise of your developer. This will help you channelize their coding skills with knowledge of niche markets resulting in apps that deliver greater value to end users.

Domain specific technical expertise lets developers integrate advanced tech related developments with your app solution far more effectively and with ease. Such specialized knowledge will give you a better, more personalized app solution. Their domain specific knowledge will also help in things like testing and adequate insights on complex industry related issues that may affect development. At the end of the day, domain specific knowledge lets developers avoid delays and create high quality, effective app solutions.

Other critical parameters to assess developer suitability are as follows:

  • Adapt according to the development scenario
  • Manging app deliveries effectively and efficiently
  • Meeting industry standards in App Design

Top reasons for developing iOS apps

As we mentioned previously there are many instances where iOS is a more effective mobile OS platform for you to create your business apps. These include:

Super Rich User Experience
Tech-savvy target markets
Strong security features
Get higher ROIs
Increased Capital Return

Greater access to worldwide markets
Create a better UX
Easy but effective and thorough testing
A vibrant and flourishing user community
Fast development processes

Key Consideration while hiring iOS App Developers

iOS as one of the two OS pillars of mobile devices comes with several necessary technical skills that include:

Objective C




Core Graphics API,

SQLite database

Cocoa Touch

Core Data

Besides this proficiency in the following programming tools and methods are desirable for ios app development:

  • Interface Builder
  • XCode
  • XCode Instruments
  • Shark
  • Test driven development
  • Unit testing

Popular iOS app Feature:

iOS is noted for the extensive feature set it provides to users including the following:

Share Play
Offline Siri

Improved Notifications
Live Text
And Spotlight

Performance Benchmarks:

The following performance metrics assume great importance for iOS apps:

Launch time
Screen transition speeds
Network performance
Battery use
Logic execution speeds
CPU use
Memory use

While there are more items that can go into this, these are the main points that just must be addressed.

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