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jQuery New Event! Focusin and Focusout

To delegate the "focus" and "blur" events you must use these new events, called "focusin" and "focusout". You can also use old events for handling focusing events in jQuery 14.
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 Bharat Patel     Jan, 02 2019

Build a Facebook BOT using Chatfuel

Artificial Intelligence and BOT development are among hot topics which seem to be very promising and thus are being worked on and developed recently.   According to Forbes, what seems to get great attention during the next 12 months is "BOTs' development", and if you are wondering, these "BOTs" are not something new, they have been around for a long time, it's just that these days, they are being integrated into almost every aspect of our daily life applications. &nbs
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 Niral Munjaria     Feb, 08 2018

Initiating IBM Watson AI Chatbot Development

These days building a ChatBot become more advanced without needing to code from scratch or doing hardcore programming by yourself. Chatbots have matured into solutions that enterprises across industries are taking seriously hence and no longer a nascent technology. Now, majority of the BOT Platforms provide advanced capabilities with predefined sets of variable objects, intents, entities, dialogs to setup as require and further can also do custom coding to meet expectations for exactly working C
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 Parixit     Feb, 01 2018

PhantomJS timeout error fixed in Node-Pdf from NPM

We tried using node-pdf from NPM - JavaScript Package Manger to generate PDF file from HTML file. node-pdf take HTML source as an input and return PDF file. A requirement to generate PDF format file for Photo files comprising multiple image format, So the purpose to convert photos into PDF format.  
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 Rajni     Aug, 24 2017

Convert Audio-Video files into Mp3 Audio and Mp4 Video using FFMPEG Commands

Initially, searched to find best available multimedia frameworks to meet the requirement. But ultimately just got along with FFMPEG multimedia framework which provides command line tool to convert audio-video files extensions into Mp3 Audio and Mp4 Video.
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 Parixit Jani     Aug, 10 2017

Character Encoding Issue with Nodejs

Recently we faced many issues with character encoding in Nodejs. We came across the iconv module and this post explains how we handled those issues.
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 Vikas Patel     Aug, 09 2017

Agile Development – A practice to maximize advantages

Agile is more likely a philosophical approach towards software development then just a methodology. It is smartly avoiding proscription in its precise phrasing which accepts individual client values over the process, focusing over working software over documentation, working closely in collaboration than just project contract negotiation, responding to change adopt over just following a plan.
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 Admin User     Jun, 26 2017

Cloning SVN Repository to GIT on Windows

Since couple of weeks working on implementing Git Repository for our codebase of our all projects. Before this we were using SVN as versioning control but as Git getting more popularity we decided to move Git. Week ago wrote post regarding creating Git server and move some of code to Git which was not in any version control. Now it was time to move all our SVN repositories to GIT and of course do not want to lost all my code revision, comments etc. GIT support cloning from SVN which ma
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 Pritesh     Jun, 05 2017

Add CMS Page Links to Top Navigation in Magento

I had a site running on magento 1.6.2 CE. To add a menu item, first of all you need to find out where it is added into template file. Following file is rendering categories as a menu on top navigation
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 Vikas     Jun, 05 2017

Problems, Tips and Tricks About Magento

I am new to Magento. I find many configurations that has to be done before you make your Magento site live. So I thought I should list out all important configurations at one place so that this list can also be used as checklist as well as tips and tricks for new Magento developers.
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 Vikas     Jun, 05 2017

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