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Testing frameworks - cfunit, cfcunit and mxunit

Hi folks, There are lots of testing frameworks available for Test-driven development (TDD). Most of them are of xUnit family. Recently I had gone through three most popular testing frameworks for ColdFusion. CFUnit CFCUnit MXUnit After using all three, I decided to post a comparison of them. Information may be inaccurate, Corrections are always acceptable.
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 Vikas     Dec, 31 2018

Writing Test Cases using TestBox for ColdFusion Application

There are multiple testing techniques we use for software code testing, most common are Unit Testing, Model Testing, Functional Testing, Handler Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing etc. Usually full testing to follow by writing specific test cases as depend on testing technique and tools that you use.   Testing for Coldfusion software application can be done through "TestBox" - A testing framework for ColdFusion (CFML) that provide a clean syntax to write test cases
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 Parixit Jani     Dec, 31 2018

Automated Tests Using Ant Integration of Testing Frameworks - cfunit, cfcunit and mxunit

If you have seen my previos post, then you might want to automate testing. You can automate all three popular testing frameworks (cfunit, cfcunit and mxunit) with ant.I've tested in eclipse 3.6 version, but it will aslo work in Adobe ColdFusion Builder.
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 Admin User     Feb, 08 2017

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