Optimize User Experience with Firebase Remote Config

A Step-by-Step Guide for Real-Time App Customization


Firebase Remote Config simplifies app customization by enabling real-time updates without the need for app store releases. It empowers developers to tweak app behaviour, UI elements and features remotely.

Problem Statement:  

Building a dynamic Android app development process can be a headache. Frequent app updates disrupt user experience, introducing bugs and complexities. How can you control your app’s behaviour and appearance without forcing users to download new versions? 

  • Real-Time App Customization: Modify app behaviour, appearance, or features without updates.
    Example: Change promotional banners or discount percentages during a sales event without releasing a new app version. 
  • Personalization at Scale: Tailor experiences for specific user segments or demographics.
    Example: Adjust UI themes based on user preferences, such as dark mode for night readers 
  • Beyond the Basics: Discover advanced features like real-time updates, A/B testing, and targeted rollouts to personalize user experiences. 


  • Dynamic Updates: Quickly respond to user feedback or market changes.

          Example: Swiftly adapt UI for a seasonal promotion or address user-reported bugs.

  • Improved User Experience: Personalize content to increase user engagement.

          Example: Display tailored content based on a user’s location or preferences.

  • Time and Cost Efficiency:  Avoid frequent app releases for minor updates.

          Example: Modify settings or configurations without going through the app store review process.

  • Best Practices: Versioning and Rollback Plans: Ensure fallback plans for failed updates.

          Example: Maintain a set of previous configurations to revert changes if necessary.

  • Thorough Testing: Validate changes across different user segments.

          Example: Test variations with a small group before rolling out to the entire user base.

  • Incremental Rollouts: Gradually roll out changes to monitor impact.

          Example: Apply changes to a subset of users to gauge user reactions and stability.

Here’s a simple example of implementing a discount using Firebase Remote Config 

1. Add Firebase to your project: 

Follow the official documentation to add Firebase to your Android app: https://firebase.google.com/docs/android/setup

2. Set up Remote Config Parameter

In the Firebase console, create a parameter named discount percentage with a default value of 0 (no discount). 

3. Fetch Discount Value in your Activity or Fragment:  


4. Update Discount Remotely:  

In the Firebase console, modify the discount_percentage value as needed. 

Users will automatically receive the updated discount within the fetch interval. 

Key Points:

  • Change discounts without app updates, allowing for dynamic promotions.
  • Target discounts to specific user segments using Remote Config conditions.


Uncover the benefits of Firebase Remote Config: enhanced agility, reduced release friction, and improved user engagement. You’ll learn how this dynamic tool can make your mobile app development process seamless.

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