Timeout issue in MySQL Delete Query with IN Statement

I came across high delay timing issue while executing delete query in MySQL with IN statement as was taking too much time to execute, here is the case of timeout issue and solution to fix this issue.   I want to delete all records tagged as ‘Student’. So, I use below query to delete child table entries.   delete from child where parentid in (select id from parent where tag = 'Student');  
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 Mahavir     Feb, 23 2018

Running Multiple Tomcat Instances with Coldfusion Standard Version - Part I

I am an enthusiastic ColdFusion Developer since over 8 years, love working on CodlFusion like an expert, earlier I used to work with Railo and ColdFusion 9 (standard edition) to clustering and load balancing. I had started with Railo as I was new to Railo and keen to work around it. I wrote several post about Railo installation   Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step Installing RAILO Tomcat on windows step by step - part ii Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat.
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 Admin User     Feb, 15 2018

Build a Facebook BOT using Chatfuel

Artificial Intelligence and BOT development are among hot topics which seem to be very promising and thus are being worked on and developed recently.   According to Forbes, what seems to get great attention during the next 12 months is "BOTs' development", and if you are wondering, these "BOTs" are not something new, they have been around for a long time, it's just that these days, they are being integrated into almost every aspect of our daily life applications.
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 Niral Munjaria     Feb, 08 2018

Initiating IBM Watson AI Chatbot Development

These days building a ChatBot become more advanced without needing to code from scratch or doing hardcore programming by yourself. Chatbots have matured into solutions that enterprises across industries are taking seriously hence and no longer a nascent technology. Now, majority of the BOT Platforms provide advanced capabilities with predefined sets of variable objects, intents, entities, dialogs to setup as require and further can also do custom coding to meet expectations for exactly working C
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 Parixit     Feb, 01 2018

Angular 5 New Features at A glance

Angular, Google’s popular JavaScript framework now become faster, smaller, and easier than ever with new Angular 5.0.0 updated from previous version 4.3.0. Angular become more better to develop progressive web apps and greater support for Material Design capabilities. Angular 5, code named “Pentagonal-Donut” brings some new features to build performance packed responsive Mobile, Web and Desktop applications.     Angular 5 is the major release containing new f
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 Admin User     Jan, 25 2018

Agile Development Key Advantages

Agile is more likely a philosophical approach towards software development then just a methodology. It is smartly avoiding proscription in its precise phrasing which accepts individual client values over the process, focusing over working software over documentation, working closely in collaboration than just project contract negotiation, responding to change adopt over just following a plan.
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 Admin User     Jan, 18 2018

Fixing Google Map loading issues in jQuery UI Tabs

It may sounds little unusual to say that "Google map is not working or loading in jQuery UI tabs", Google map works nicely when you put DOM on the first tab but it won't work in any other tabs.   Guess, there is nothing unusual to say about Google Map & jQuery UI as Google Map & jQuery UI are strongest stack work the best together for location services and those are really unmatched. So here let us diagnose the problems and going over the solution.
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 Bharat Patel     Jan, 04 2018

Best Platforms and Tools to build powerful Chatbots

The world’s top most and leading consumer retail brands have already adopted chatbots for advance engagement on sales, customer service experience for their service ranges and product lines. A decade ago it was like having a website became a standard need for every business, now same as chatbots must for every business. Chatbots become essential not just for sales or support but as a part of marketing strategy implementation that empowers real time interaction virtually at a
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 Admin User     Dec, 28 2017

Using AWS S3 storage as FTP

Sound weird, right ? Yes, but you never know on what time you may be in a situation where your client needs to access your files stored in S3 via FTP or third party who are still living in old era wanted to access via FTP. Recently I have the same situation where the third party wanted to use our S3 data via FTP and there are multiple FTP accounts with read-only access and read and write both. I have use S3FS to mount S3 as drive in my Ubuntu server and VSFTP to publish those directories v
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 Pritesh     Dec, 22 2017

Floating Point Arithmetic Inaccuracy in Lucee

Recently, We were facing arithmetic issue with Lucee. We are using Lucee 4.5 in production enviroment. First, let me elaborate the issue. The code was very simple (see below example). We were doing subtraction operation having fixed floating value. we were expecting result with fixed 2 decimal point but it gave 12 floating value whereas we were giving input 2 decimal point. We were not facing output issue each time. it behaves randomly. While checking with ACF(Adobe ColdFusio
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 Bharat Patel     Dec, 22 2017

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