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Shortfalls of readymade shopping carts

There is no shortage of readymade shopping carts in the market today. The shopping carts are quick to install and easy on the budget. But the shopping carts are often unable to satisfy all the demands of all sorts of industries in a market. They are also limited in the availability of custom features that are required by certain businesses.

This coupled with reasons of incompatibility with certain software and inability to connect with accounting systems, managing custom order processes etc. has given rise to the need of custom shopping carts.

Advantage of Custom Shopping carts
The shopping carts added as per the requirements of the client. In terms of core functionality they are not very different from the generic software, but changes are made at micro and macro levels to satisfy a needs of clients.

The customizations to the shopping cart can include
  • Online credit card gateway integration with the lesser known service like a local bank or a less heard of bank
  • Insertion of fields that are usually not a part of generic shopping carts.
  • Ability to make payments by other means like checks, credit etc.
  • Custom calculations in the shopping
  • Application of tax and labour rules
  • Discounts and incentives
  • Add special discounts for co brands or members who sign up through affiliates
  • Recurring billing and payment management
Several other customizations can be made for enhancing the shopping experience of the customer and increasing the sales for the ecommerce business. We provide ecommerce shopping cart customization software solutions in Coldfusion.


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