ColdFusion Ecommerce Shopping Cart Application Development

Our Coldfusion Development Services
If you are looking for a reliable technology partner to create an online ColdFusion e-commerce shopping cart website , look no further. With an experience of more than 10 years in ColdFusion web application development, our company has a strong team of ColdFusion programmers and web developers who will meet all your online webstore development and Maintenance needs.

Developing/customizing existing Shopping carts
We develop Secure, feature rich and user friendly coldfusion shopping carts which can be customized according to unique needs of various businesses. Features like discount coupons and seasonal discounts, gift coupons can be easily incorporated. We also provide customization services for existing Coldfusion shopping carts

Intelligent Navigation
This is a place where most online shopping stores falter; taking the buyer to the item which he is interested in picking up. Online shopping site depends almost entirely on navigation. A frustrated user who cannot find what he wants will probably never return to your site. On the other hand a happy user will become a habitual customer and will also recommend your services.

Due to the importance of navigation, we take extra care for the navigation structure of the site. We study the product range and classify them intelligently.

Any number of products
The Coldfusion E-commerce shopping cart can handle the largest of product ranges with ease. With our team of specialists we will analyze how to present the product range in a way that they can be showcased well. This will ensure that all the products are easily showcased.

Shopping Cart Security features
The Coldfusion E-commerce shopping cart developed by us is highly secure ensuring that the online money transactions are secure and the customers have no inhibitions in sharing important information online. The pages where credit card information is shared are made secure using 128 bit SSL encryptions.

Search Engine friendly Ecommerce website
Our site programming techniques is search engine friendly, this will ensure that the site will have an advantage on the search engine rankings. This will result in higher traffic volumes on the site and hence higher sales.

Supports all major payment gateway Integration
The Coldfusion E-commerce shopping cart will be easily integrated with all the major payment gateways around the world like, verisign, paypal etc.

Shipping Integration
The cart can be integrated with shipping company systems to provide real time shipping information to the site users without having to the websites of the shipping partners.

Affiliates programs
For sites that run on the web affiliates model there are features that help track clicks from and to a partner website. Detailed reports are also available that help keep track of these statistics so that the ecommerce website can earn supplemental revenues through site partners and affiliates

Our company works in an outsourcing set up which means that the development will turn out to be even more economical.


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