“The Executable Signed with Invalid Entitled” Frustrating Error but Resolved Now

I was really happy that I was going to release my first iPhone application. Waiting for my developer account so I can test on my device instead of simulator, Apple has really long process to create developer account and it almost take 2 to 3 weeks to get account. Meanwhile I can’t stop myself and try to JailBreak my device to test application on device, this was really smooth 15 mins to jailbrake it and in next 15 mins I was able to run application on iPhone.

After couple of days I got my developer account and in meantime I have finish application so I thought it is now half day work and my application will be for approval. I totally wrong here since last 10 hours I am trying to creating application which I can upload through iTune connect. Only one error "The executable signed with invalid entitled" really frustrating me (I am gonna suiside now :(). I tried to google it and found lot’s of solution but didn’t work for me.

Restore my iPhone with latest firmware.

Delete old certificates and provisioning profile and create it new from scratch.

Many other settings on xCode but no luck.

Finally decided to uninstall xCode and reinstal it.. Downloading xCode (2.3 GB) so got time to write blog for it.

Use following command on terminal to uninstall xCode (Thanks to Pratik).

sudo /Developer/Library/uninstall-devtools –mode=all


I will keep updating this post …

[Updated : 10/15/2010 4:18 PM IST]

Reinstalling xCode works for me. (drop idea to suiside 🙂 ).

After reinstalling xCode following step solve issue:

  1. Remove all developement provisioning,certificates profile from developer account.
  2. Start from scract new certificate, new provisioning profile.
  3. Download and added into xCode.
  4. Select new profile from in target application.
  5. Check for Entitlments.plist file (if not exist create new on Project Root from FILE >> New File >> Code Signing). Make sure get-task-allow key is checked (if not exist then add new key and give name ‘get-task-allow’ and set type to boolean).
  6. Attach your device with Mac and try again. It should work.


Oh ya.. it work for me and finally I got application on iPhone without JailBreak.

My next taks was submitting to iTune connect. This time I am lucky and easily build application with distribution certificate and upload it from xcode.


Hope this help someone who facing same issue.