Configuring ColdFusion Scheduled Tasks Using CFSCHEDULE Tag

ColdFusion Scheduled Tasks makes it easy to perform regular tasks, such as sending email newsletters, refresh Verity collections etc.

ColdFusion Scheduled Tasks can be configured either programatically (using the CFSCHEDULE tag)or via the ColdFusion Administrator.

Create a ColdFusion template.
Type your CFSCHEDULE code using the UPDATE action.
Save your template inside your ColdFusion application.
Run the template (i.e. open it in your browser)

Running the template will either update the ColdFusion scheduled task, or create it if it doesn’t already exist. You will now see this listed in the ColdFusion Administrator under Scheduled Tasks



<cfschedule action="Update" task="TestSchedule"


You can also use the following code to either delete or run your tasks. Deleting it has the same effect as deleting the task via the ColdFusion Administrator


<cfschedule action = "delete" task = "TestSchedule">
<cfschedule action = "run" task = "TestSchedule">


Find More information on using the cfschedule tag Adobe Document